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Foot-in-Mouth Disease Strikes Melbourne Area!

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Recently, there was a special moment of embarrassed merriment at the offices of LifeStyle Homes when yours truly mis-introduced a person who is very important to us, our long time and extremely wonderful roofing contractor. You see, we like to talk about Jim because of his dedication to high quality roofing work. His natural honesty and integrity also parallel our […]

No, No! It Wasn't Us! We Promise.

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No sooner did we do our public service thing for LifeStyle Homes by reminding you to prepare for inclement weather, than we get a tropical storm on our heads. Talk about the Law of Attraction! OK, so if you are in the Central Florida area, the wind is blowing some and you’re getting some rain about […]

NUTS! It's That Time of Year Again.

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Yes, friends and neighbors, it’s time to be thinking about what will happen and what you will do if the wind decides to blow really hard sometime in the next few months. As much as we might prefer not to think about the “H” word, it’s a fact of life for those of us lucky enough to live on […]

U.S. Government Study Lauds LifeStyle Homes

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We received exciting news this week. The U.S. Department of Energy has released an official case study praising LifeStyle Homes for its leadership in building energy efficient homes. Prepared by the Building America Industrial Housing Project under the auspices of the Florida Solar EnergyCenter, this official case study is designed to document what we have done to curb […]

Energy Independence Day

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It’s a good thing that we pause each year in mid-summer to reflect on the heroic courage of our nation’s founding fathers in declaring our independence on July 4, 1776. It’s also good that we honor them by enjoying some extra fun with family and friends. And, how about those fireworks shows? Never get old, do they? But, how about adding another dimension to […]