Melbourne, FL – January 19, 2014 – Our good friends over at Spacecoast Living magazine have included a special Discover Brevard section in January’s issue that paints an encouraging picture of our economic future. It touts the number of leading edge technology companies active in Brevard County, the high quality of jobs they offer and the advantageous positioning they enjoy to supply both government and industry the critical tools they need to operate effectively in our current threat-intensive world. Based on research conducted by the Economic Development Commission (EDC) of Florida’s Space CoastDiscover Brevard cites strong employment and forecasts robust growth in five key industry clusters. Together, they promise good times ahead for Brevard County.

Advanced Security – The strong concentration of firms involved in national defense and homeland-security activities and the presence of major military installations locally put Brevard County in the forefront of the high-priority, national interest economy and supports over 10,000 jobs in the County. These jobs are held primarily by highly educated scientists, engineers and technicians, doing cutting edge work, which for most of them requires that they hold high security clearances. This means high incomes for most of these people, which is good for our economy.

Aviation/Aerospace – Approximately 12,000 individuals presently hold high-value jobs in the burgeoning Brevard County aviation and aerospace economy, which is centered around our world-class space launch and recovery facilities, even now being re-purposed to support commercial space activities. The historical importance of this sector to the local economy means there are plenty of highly-trained, exceptionally experienced workers poised to support growth in this area. This promises even more high incomes to benefit us all.

Communications – It’s not your father’s radio anymore. Today’s high security communications and RADAR capabilities would boggle your mind. Much of what is possible to do now has been developed and is being manufactured right here in Brevard County by companies which employ over 5,000 highly sophisticated, highly paid workers. Some of these companies carry revered names from the past, like Collins, and some are newer, but all are at the pinnacle of capability in this field world-wide.

Electronics – The EDC reports that over 7,000 persons are employed by smaller firms in Brevard County, which supply key electronic components and sub-assemblies to the larger firms engaged in the advanced security, aviation/aerospace and communications sectors above. The flexibility these firms provide in quickly adapting to new requirements does wonders to keep our other industry clusters at the forefront of their respective fields.

Emerging Technologies – The demands of the modern world affecting security, aviation/aerospace, communications and electronics require rapid and continuing development of new technologies. Brevard County is home to numerous companies, some quite small, where these new ideas are conceived, developed and transformed into actual operational capabilities, which are then fed up the line to become marketable products.

We at LifeStyle Homes thank Spacecoast Living, Discover Brevard and our Space Coast EDC for researching and reporting this important information. With our thirty year heritage of high quality home building and devotion to building science, we feel we belong right in the midst of these vital and exciting companies. This is especially so because of the ground-breaking work done by our building scientist friends at the Florida Solar Energy Center, in Cocoa, that has meant so much to us in pursuing our energy efficiency initiative. Our guaranteed HERS 60 SunSmart(SM) and truly remarkable Net Zero Energy SunSmartPV(SM) homes offer the pinnacle of energy efficiency and quality of life to our home owners, many of whom we know are working in the five industry clusters above. We’re proud of them and their work. We thank them for what they are doing, and we are proud they placed their trust with us at LifeStyle Homes.

Looking good, Brevard!