LifeStyle Homes: Accelerating Toward Goal

Melbourne, FL – October 20, 2013 – Time and again in the blog from LifeStyle Homes we have told you our goal is to offer affordable new homes that not only make all the electricity they need to support a family of five but produce enough surplus electricity that can be sold back to the utility company to pay for recharging two electric automobiles overnight while they rest comfortably in their garage. We figure when the American public realizes they can buy a normally-priced home that not only frees them from monthly electricity bills but also provides free “gasoline” everything will change – literally everything!

First, electric automobiles will suddenly become viable. For those used to take care of daily errands and work commutes, the worry about where to recharge them goes away. So, for those who want the freedom to take long trips, tow something or haul big loads, a single gasoline powered vehicle, be it car, van or truck can fit in the third garage space. But for most folks there will be no need to operate that gas guzzler everyday – only when its special capabilities are actually needed.

We took our first huge step toward that goal when we launched our guaranteed HERS 59 LifeStyle SunSmart(SM) homes in 2009. These state-of-the-art high performance energy efficient homes save their owners a minimum of 40 percent on their monthly electric bills, and better yet are cost neutral to own. That means their owners break even on the higher monthly mortgage payment made necessary by buying a superior home that costs more to build. They do that by saving a corresponding amount on their monthly electric bills. But get this, the break even applies to today’s price of electricity from the utility company. With every rate increase, the balance swings toward the home owner.

Our next big step occurred in 2010 when we launched our truly remarkable LifeStyle SunSmartPV(SM) homes that use roof-mounted photovoltaic panels to generate all the electricity their owners need with a Net Zero cost from the utility company. When the sun shines, these homes make much more electricity than they need. The surplus is automatically routed back to the utility company which is obligated to buy it. When the sun isn’t shining, owners of these homes buy the power they need just like the rest of us do. Over a year’s time the power sold pays for the power bought yielding a Net Zero electricity bill.

These PV-powered homes are not cost neutral yet, nor can we offer them at what we consider affordable (median) prices. We have been coming steadily closer at a rapid rate, but exciting new developments are taking place right now that may well bring us to the jumping off point for building the homes of our dreams.

Stay tuned for further broadcasts. If you are in the market for a new home right now, do not buy a home from another builder before you check with LifeStyle Homes. Please! We don’t want you to make a mistake you’ll regret for a very long time.




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LifeStyle Homes: Accelerating Toward Goal