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The Clean-Energy Revolution

We truly believe that clean energies, such as solar power, are the keys to our country’s prosperity. Beyond energy savings, LifeStyle’s solar-powered homes afford you an opportunity to help secure a more prosperous future for your children and ours.

Just stop and consider two of solar’s major transformative powers:

  • Solar power helps the United States gain freedom from the tyranny of foreign oil. As energy is generated by the sun that shines on the United States, our country’s dependence on oil imports is significantly lessened. Not only does this mean increased safety for the United States, it also means more economic stability for all Americans.
  • Solar power provides our planet relief from noxious greenhouse gas emissions. Unlike fossil fuels, the technology requires no carbon, methane, or particulate emissions, nor does it call for significant drilling or mining operations. Not only does this directly benefit our environment, it also makes the air we breathe cleaner.

Today, clean-energy alternatives are drastically changing the way we can experience the world.

To demonstrate first-hand, LifeStyle Homes recently purchased an all-electric Tesla Model S. To get its battery charge, the vehicle is plugged into electrical outlets inside the garages of our solar-powered model homes. The Tesla then runs on its stored battery power—no gasoline whatsoever!

Now, what’s truly remarkable about the LifeStyle Tesla is that its battery is being charged at our solar-powered model homes—homes harness the power of the sun to produce their own clean energy. So, let’s do the math. The LifeStyle solar-powered home generates its own electricity from sunshine. The Tesla then uses this sunshine-generated electricity to get its battery charge. This means that the Tesla essentially runs on sunshine!

Solar in the News

Every day, much is being reported on the development and deployment of solar power throughout the United States. We invite you to continually view this section where we will compile and post articles and videos relating to the clean-energy revolution.

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