Melbourne, FL – March 02, 2014 – In our continuing quest toward our goal at LifeStyle Homes to provide affordable new homes that make enough electricity on their rooftops to sustain the families living in them and recharge two electric automobiles overnight, all for free, we often talk about high-tech things like the photovoltaic panels that make that electricity. But the truth is that homes that generate their own electricity must first be energy efficient structures like our guaranteed HERS 60 LifeStyle SunSmart(SM) homes before generating their own power becomes feasible.

It’s simple, really. The more energy efficient a home is, the fewer PV panels are needed to reach our goal of self-sustainability.

While there are many things involved in making a home more energy efficient, bigger gains come from improving construction quality than from adding fancy equipment. Let us never forget to thank our trades partners who answered our call to step up and improve their processes so that LifeStyle Homes could achieve the leadership position we now hold nationally.

Many of the builders who attempt this journey eventually fail because their subcontractors either wouldn’t or couldn’t meet the tough standards imposed by the Department of Energy. We were blessed when we started out to have good folks working with us – many for years and years. They immediately saw the benefit of exerting the extra effort needed to help us reach our goals. They sprang to the challenge like the champions they are.

These men and women take great pride in their work and justifiably so. The homes they build for us are rigorously tested for high efficiency performance. Our standard for LifeStyle SunSmart(SM) homes is HERS 60 performance. Our guarantee is to deliver that specified performance as verified by independent energy raters or re-work the home until it passes their tests.

No one around here can remember the last time we had to re-work a home. It may well be that we never have. For sure every guaranteed HERS 60 home we have ever delivered to its new owners has met that HERS 60 standard as a minimum. Most do substantially better.

This means a new SunSmart(SM) home from LifeStyle homes will save its owners a minimum of 40 percent in monthly electricity bills compared to a comparable new home built conventionally. When compared to a home  built as little as five or six years ago, the savings almost double.

We have our construction trades partners to thank for that. Take a bow guys!