Melbourne, FL – February 23, 2014 – It might seem strange showing you an iceberg to make a point about solar-powered homes, but when we share the point, you’ll get it in a flash and maybe even roll your eyes. Wait for it… Here it comes…There’s more to energy efficient new homes than meets the eye.


We have shared our appreciation for the world class building scientists at the Florida Solar Energy Center often in this blog. That’s because they put together everything that’s below the surface in residential energy efficiency so we could share with our customers everything you see above the surface today, both in the iceberg and in our wonderful guaranteed HERS 60, LifeStyle SunSmart(SM) homes. Without their help, we could never have done this by ourselves.

Even so, it’s not hard to find new home builders out there who will tell you they build energy efficient homes just like LifeStyle does. By “like”, they want you to think, “just as good as”. But the real meaning of “like” they’re reaching for is “also”. The sad fact, though, is even “also” is a stretch.

Our energy efficient LifeStyle SunSmart(SM) homes are tested and certified to perform as represented by third party professional new home energy raters, themselves certified by RESNET, the Residential Energy Services Network, the national organization charged by the U.S. Department of Energy to issue energy performance certifications.  If that seems like a lot of certifications to you, the message is that there are a lot of highly trained, highly motivated professionals standing behind the performance of our LifeStyle SunSmart(SM) homes.

Ask the other guys to show you their train of certifications.

Then, there is the issue of partial measures. Like the iceberg, SunSmart(SM) is a whole complete entity. The individual elements of SunSmart(SM) can no more be split apart and still deliver the performance of the whole, than can a piece of this iceberg be split off and still be as powerful as its parent.

We know builders out there who add a few pieces of our energy efficiency package to their specification sheets, hoping you will think that will duplicate SunSmart(SM). It just doesn’t work that way. If we could get to the same level of performance that benefits you so much and get there with less effort and less cost, believe us, we would. Science wins out over wishful thinking every time.

So, if you are thinking of investing in a new home in Brevard or Osceola County, look at everything you can find that will help you define exactly what you want. Then, come see us at LifeStyle Homes. We will put your dreams into a home that’s fit for the next hundred years; not a relic of the past century’s dead ideas about how homes should be built.