Located halfway between Jacksonville and Miami, Brevard County—also known as Florida’s Space Coast—is a beautiful place to live, complete with activities for people of all ages. Situated along the coast, not only are beaches plentiful, but Brevard also has marshes and the St. Johns River.

The county’s excellent year-round climate, quality public schools, and safe crime rating have made this destination attractive to many types of people looking to build their dream home in the Sunshine State.

If you’re considering moving to Brevard County, there is much to learn. Brevard County is the perfect location to build a customizable, sustainable house with LifeStyle Homes. Keep reading to learn more about the highlights and happenings of our hometown.

Florida is known for fantastic year-round weather and sunshine. Brevard County is no exception. There is next to no snowfall here. If you’re looking to get away from brutal winters in the Northeast, move to Brevard County to enjoy its tropical climate.

On average, there are 236 days of sunshine per year in Brevard County for you to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities, such as relaxing on the beach, paddle boarding, or kayaking.

Centralized Location
Living in Brevard County is the perfect central location in Florida. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway to Miami or a family vacation to Disney World, the entire state is at your fingertips. The county is situated only 35 miles east of Orlando, which is home to some of the most popular theme parks, including Disney World and Universal Studios. In addition, the Kennedy Space Center is here, which is hugely influential to the county’s economy and gives residents frequent opportunities to witness incredible rocket launches.

Brevard County features 72 miles of amazing beaches to explore. The tropical weather and small-town feel of this Florida county are ideal for people looking to get active. If you’re interested in learning about plants and wildlife, Brevard County is home to many rich botanical exploration and educational opportunities.

Things To Do
In addition to the many attractions listed above, Brevard County has so much more to offer. You will never be bored living here – and neither will your kids! The Space Coast is aptly named because it is home to the Kennedy Space Center. In addition to being one of the county’s largest employers, The Kennedy Space Center also provides educational and engaging activities, including Space Camp, The U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, and Astronaut Training Simulators.

For golf and tennis lovers, Brevard County hosts some of the country’s most beautiful golf courses and tennis centers. If sports are not your thing, Brevard County has a number of cultural events, too, including art exhibits, the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse, professional orchestras, and dozens of theatrical and musical performances throughout the year.

Popular beaches in Brevard County include Melbourne Beach and Cocoa Beach which offers excellent surfing and is home to the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Cost of Living and Safety
With plenty of jobs in aerospace, tourism, and the healthcare industry, the economy is booming in Brevard County. It is also considered a safe place to live, ranking safer than 44% of United States counties.

Brevard is known for its friendly residents and family-friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re an older couple looking to retire or a young family looking for a new home, there is a great mix of local residents.

Home Values
In the last 12 months, Brevard County homes have appreciated about 17.8%. Building a home in Brevard County is an excellent investment as more and more people seek to live in this desirable location. If you’re interested in building a home here, check out LifeStyle Homes. With our excellent home plans offered at varying price points, there are many beautiful options of which to choose for you new home build in Brevard.