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For a solid decade, LifeStyle Homes has been building SunSmart and solar-powered homes in Brevard and Indian River counties. Our homes live better while saving homeowners money on their monthly energy bills. While LifeStyle SunSmart has grown and evolved throughout the years — and will continue to do so as advancements are made — its foundation is still the same. LifeStyle SunSmart is comprised of a multitude of tested and re-tested energy-saving building features that work to improve a home’s performance.

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The emergence of COVID-19 has forced us all to confront the importance of clean indoor air and the role it plays on long-term health. LifeStyle HealthSmart homes are built with an array of health-focused features and building practices all working together to promote clean indoor air and lessen indoor pollutants.

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When you explore the neighborhoods we build in throughout Brevard and Indian River counties, you'll discover idyllic locations, unsurpassed value, and at the end of the day, places you'll be proud to call home.
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Today’s home designs blend indoor living with the outdoors. Summer kitchens, wall-less living rooms, and outdoor showers are examples of hybrid living.
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Four LifeStyle HealthSmart Features to Help Combat Seasonal Allergies
Our new HealthSmart program includes multiple features that can help you fight off seasonal allergies and breathe easier year-round.
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