Read what our customers have to say.

His Customer Service May Be the Best I’ve Ever Seen

“Hello Jordan and Karen,

Just want to thank you again for not only building a beautiful home but having such an outstanding Service Manager. Mike Henderson far exceeded my expectations in getting the repairs done in such a timely manner. He even did some of the work himself. He stayed in constant communication throughout the entire process. These repairs were not major and certainly didn’t affect my qualify of life, but Mike made me think nothing was more important to him. His customer service may be the best I’ve ever seen. Congratulations to Mike on a job extremely well done. I thank you and appreciate you!”

-Denise Contella

The Home is Beautiful in Every Way!

“Mr. Luhn/Mrs. Kicinski,

We are happily in our new and beautifully constructed LifeStyle home and thank you for making this happen!

We could have chosen any builder to do this project and chose your company, for building on the Grand Canal to enjoy boating in Florida throughout our retirement years. From the beginning, LifeStyle impressed us with your staff. Ms. Leslie Brecken introduced us to your company with her enthusiasm and warmth. She was the Quarterback for the project—buying the land, coordinating with the entire LifeStyle team, and making sure all was correct from the time our Realtor took us to the lot, to determining what we wanted to build—Leslie was part of it all and made sure we were taken care of, introduced to the design team, the architect, and then put us into Mr. Tom Dutton’s care. Thank you Leslie!

We are so grateful to Ms. Lorraine Edmisten for her professional knowledge and patience in dealing with our neighborhood ARB and HOA. She was amazing, in running the maze of her field, to build our home in Lansing Island. So much more than we understand, had to get done! Thank you Lorraine!

A huge “shout-out” to Architect Tom Mueller and his ability to mesh our ideas with the designs that LifeStyle mastered and won awards for and he helped us throughout the planning and execution process. He was so amazing to solve design challenges.  He always gave 100% to our project and to helping us when needed. His ideas and design made the house what it is.  There were challenges from a new group on the HOA in Lansing Island, that caused some design challenges, but Mr. Tom Mueller always found a way. We are grateful to him, always. Thank you Mr. Tom Mueller!  Thank you for customizing and personalizing in every way for us!

The design team of Jennifer, Sheilah were awesome to work with. There was Melissa also. The design team was so professional, creative, and patient with us. We appreciate what they did to assist us throughout the process. They provided the color, texture, spirit and working of the home, in every way.  Thank you!

A huge “shout out” goes to Mr. Tom Dutton, the head of our customer home project who got us through this entire process. He was tasked with making everything happen! We all know how COVID affected the building of our home. When the process started, Tom was always there for us. He pushed and pushed his team to build this home!!!

His professionalism, customer service-oriented manner and caring took this project to its successful conclusion. We are grateful for his knowledge, pride in the LifeStyle company he represents, his tact, patience, and he always gave us 100% of his follow through. My husband, Bruce, started  an aerospace company—37 years and is still running it in two states. He was continually impressed with Mr. Dutton and the way he handled people. My husband’s company has survived and is strong because of the talented staff that make everything run right. This is how we see your staff. Thank you so much,  Mr. Tom Dutton! You are an awesome and talented accomplisher!

Thank you for having the professionals you have who built our home—the contractors, your sub-contractors. We apologize if we left anyone out.

We are very thankful, grateful, and appreciative. The decision we made, to ask your company to build our “last hoorah” home for our retirement years is a dream and a desire to get back to the boating we used to do, and you made it happen. Thank you Mr. Luhn and Ms. Kicinski and staff, for making this a reality! The home is beautiful in every way!


-Mr. and Mrs.  Bruce and Karin Larsen

He Was Interested in Doing Things Right and Not Just Getting the Job Done Quickly

“Dear Ms. Kicinski –

My husband, Andrew and I are very happy with the home that LifeStyle built for us. We have been in our new home a little over two months now, and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. I plan to provide a review for my overall experience building with LifeStyle, and I know that so many wonderful people worked together on our behalf to make such a great home for us, but this email is specifically about our experience working with Dan Coe as our Superintendent.

Dan’s quality oversight of all the aspects of the build and attention to details made our home turn out beautifully. Dan noticed issues that needed fixing that I didn’t notice. This attention to fixing the issues, illustrates to me that Dan takes pride in his work. He was interested in doing things right and not just getting the job done quickly. He didn’t skip over things that could have been skipped over, because we didn’t notice them. Despite this commitment to quality, the house got built so quickly! We broke ground at the end of May and moved into the home at the end of March. That seems quick to me considering the size of the home and the delays due to covid and me changing my mind :).

Dan is a master at scheduling and organizing the crews of contractors. There didn’t seem to be long stretches of time when there was no work getting done at the house. I can only imagine that there is a lot of juggling schedules and timing of work, but it never seemed to be too big of an issue for Dan. He worked it out and kept things moving, and even if there were delays, he got things back on schedule.

Additionally, Dan listened to our needs. When I pointed out something that needed to be fixed he did not try to talk me out of fixing the issue or making a repair because it was good enough. Instead, if there was an issue, he got it fixed. He listened to our concerns and took appropriate action.

He communicated clearly and concisely with us. During the build, a few things didn’t quite turn out the way we had envisioned. When we approached Dan with these concerns, he listened to us and then made the necessary changes.

Also when a decision needed to be made and we were unsure of how to proceed with a few details, he was knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us to what would look best. For example, I am very grateful for his recommendation on changing the beams in the great room to make it feel more open and allow the fireplace stone to be a focal point. It was Dan who made this recommendation and I am glad that he did. This is just one of countless details in our home that Dan guided and directed us on.

I appreciate that even after we moved in and closed on the house, Dan took care of problems that came up after the move.

Additionally, our house was so clean when we moved in! I have never moved into such a clean house. The outside was clean too! There wasn’t overspray (except on one spot that Dan got fixed) or debris around the house.

We are thrilled with our house. We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. We are so grateful to Dan Coe for being such a fantastic superintendent.

All the best.”

– Callie Miner

Choosing LifeStyle as Our Builder, For Our Retirement Home, Was the Best Decision We Made

“Choosing LifeStyle as our builder, for our retirement home, was the best decision we made. Our home is gorgeous, peaceful, and provides solace for Steve and me. From the day my husband fell in love with the model, our retirement life changed forever. Paul, LifeStyle design team, Micah, Dan, and other LifeStyle team members worked with us to meet our vision, goals, and deadlines. Post build, working with Mike who heads up the LifeStyle warranty service is wonderful.

With all said and done I am sharing pictures of our house because one has to see it in order to appreciate the beauty, simplicity, and rich atmosphere that the LifeStyle team and their partners, Flametech, Hammond Kitchens, Capritta Appliances, Blue Marlin Pools, all vendors and contractors who guided us and helped us create our retirement dream home.”

-Jan Eavenson

Thank You for Providing Such a Fabulous Floorplan

“Hi! I just wanted to thank you for providing such a fabulous floor plan and design for our house. I really love how it turned out. I am so grateful that you helped us make it so wonderful! Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks again,”

-Callie Miner

Dan Coe Deserves His Own Paragraph

“Hi Karen!

We had a great experience with LifeStyle Homes. From the moment we stepped into the St. Martin Model during Parade of Homes last year, we knew we wanted to be a part of the LifeStyle family. Paul Stradtner walked us through all of the initial processes and was so responsive, helpful and friendly. Sheilah Hughes and Jennifer Sartori made an overwhelming design experience much more comfortable – their guidance and expertise was so helpful in picking out all of our beautiful finishes – it made the experience really fun. Nicole Tarasavage was wonderful in helping us navigate all the financial and closing documents – she made what could be confusing processes relatively simple for us – she was incredibly reassuring.

Dan Coe deserves his own paragraph. When you choose to build a house, people who have done it before love to tell you horror stories about slipped timelines and delinquent contractors. We assumed ours would be no different. We were wrong. Dan is incredibly professional and efficient. He runs a tight ship and keeps things moving. We broke ground in November and closed June 29th. Dan has been with us every step of the way – he has found little mistakes and fixed them. He saw opportunities for improvement and brought them up to us. He was responsive to changes we made and has made this experience smooth and comfortable. We are first time home builders – so there were a lot of unknowns and Dan made the process much easier. Thank you!”

-Erica and Ken Lemp

Six Years After Building, I Remain a Proud LifeStyle Homeowner


I am reaching out to you to let you know how pleased I am with the process of replacing my tile.

Tom Dutton was an adept professional from the moment he learned of my “popping” level-one tile. He seamlessly arranged for tile inspection, selections, and installation all while remaining on schedule. In fact, the replacement was completed a couple days before the targeted completion date.

After leaving my home and reentering two weeks later, I was shocked in the best way possible by the cleanliness and care that each crew member must have taken of my home upon my absence, everything exceeded my expectations!

Six years after building, I remain a proud LifeStyle homeowner. Your company’s care of the customer after the build closes sets LifeStyle Homes apart from the competition.

True thank you to all the LifeStyle staff that assisted in this process.”

-Kristen Krusell

All of These LifeStyle Professionals Have Treated Us So Well

“Dear LifeStyle Homes Management, Ms. Karen and Mr. Luhn,

We wanted to take a moment to let you know how positive our experiences have been so far with your company. The schedule to build our home in Indian Harbor Beach, FL has been challenging due to the rough time we are all going through, but we are still very positive and happy we chose your company.

This is a time we would like to say thank you to all of the staff we have been dealing with thus far:

Ms. Leslie Brecken, Mr. Tom Mueller, Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Sheilah, design, Ms. Lorraine and Paul. All of these LifeStyle professionals have treated us so well as customers, and are the most professional folks to deal with.

We first were amazed by Leslie for her ability to get it done energy, knowledge, and professional customer service oriented attitude and then, Mr. Mueller, architect, is also such a pro, knowledgeable, and articulate. The design section–Jennifer, Sheilah, is always there with their knowledge, Ms. Lorraine has had to deal with HOA and hats off to her for her successful communication.

In other words, thank you all! Everyone has been super! We look forward to this build. It means a great deal to us after a lot of hard work.

At this moment, I have forgotten some of the last names. But an example of this customer service is that yesterday after a chat with Bruce, Leslie made sure we could see the model in Viera that we patterned our new home to be built, to check on floor plan/dimensions. Right away, Leslie arranged it! Mr. Stradtner, at this model, greeted us and is ALWAYS so helpful, professional, welcoming (with a fabulous sense of humor). Needless to say, we always feel his customer service spirit when we enter the model! Bruce really enjoys his quick wit. The model always is sparkling clean and welcoming,thanks to Mr. Paul. He makes us want to come back to visit him!

Now we look forward to working with the supervisor, Mr. Tom Dutton, as the home is built on Lansing Island, Indian Harbor Beach, FL.

Very sincerely.”

-Bruce and Karin Larsen

It Says So Much About the Integrity of Your Business That You Stand Behind Your Workmanship

“Mr. Luhn,

I am writing to thank you, Tom and everyone at LifeStyle for replacing the tile in our home. It says so much about the integrity of your business that you stand behind your workmanship and product.

I was truly surprised when Tom made the offer to replace our “popping” tile. We had been trying to repair the tile for about 1 1/2 years but it continued to pop.

The process took 12 days and was surprisingly easy and in the end our house looks new again! From the movers (Two Men and a Truck), tile installers, painters, and Heather who cleaned at the end—everyone was competent, efficient, friendly—they were excellent.

Again Tom came through with flying colors. I cannot emphasize enough how important to the customer it is for a company to back up what they sell. I feel so fortunate to have Tom as my supervisor. He is an asset in making your company great!

Thank you again for all that Lifestyle has done for us.”

– Conda Bates

I’ve Been Recommending Your Team to Everyone I Can

“Our overall experience with LifeStyle was amazing. Honestly, I have no real suggestions. Anything that I were to say would be so picky that it doesn’t even matter. Your entire team is great but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Tom (Dutton) in particular. He was amazing to work with and was absolutely the main reason our experience was so good. To navigate COVID, storms and other issues but still get us in “on time” and actually one month earlier than the promised date is amazing. I’ve been recommending your team to everyone I can. My wife and I really hope your team enjoyed working with us as well. I hope we don’t need your services for a long time as we plan to be in this house for many years, but if we do ever build again we will definitely be back. If we can ever provide any support or more feedback on our experience, we are happy to help. Love supporting a local company especially since I’ve known Jordan since back in high school.”

-Jay Pauly

We Can't Believe How Fortunate We Were in Building with LifeStyle

“Dear Tom,

We wanted to say thanks again to you and to the sub-contractors who corrected our punch out list. We are late getting this out so please accept our apology. You may not realize how many of these subs really hold you in high esteem, as we do. We can’t believe how fortunate we were in building with LifeStyle and you overseeing the process. We love our home. We just wanted to say thank you again with all of our hearts and God’s Blessings to you, LifeStyle, and your sweet daughter Lorelei and family.”

-Myrna and Michael Dugan

Our Appreciation is Endless

“I wanted to start by saying thank you very much for a beautiful house that my family and I call home. We now enjoy our private two-acre 4/3 with a pool and room for the family to grow. Our appreciation is endless. Prior to our build everyone always said it’s going to be the toughest thing our marriage is going to handle which is far from the truth. We worried about nothing. It was smooth and we got exactly what we wanted. The whole reason made possible is Dan Coe.

I would like to tell you about our journey. Picking LifeStyle wasn’t easy. It took time going out and visiting other new construction homes. I visited other construction sites and asked subcontractors how their build was going and if they liked the builder whom they were working for, and every single sub-contractor that I spoke to at least one crew had something negative to say. Then, I found a home being built by LifeStyle in Titusville and I found something different. I found subcontractors that really liked Dan Coe. Every subcontractor that I spoke to highly recommended Dan (EVERYONE). Most of our communication with Dan was short but one thing that my wife and I talk about now is how Dan didn’t miss one email, not one add on. He handled every concern which impressed my wife considering her attention to detail. As the build was nearing completion our relationship with Dan became personal. I spoke to him about my family and kids and I got to know about Dan’s family and his adventure that led him to become part of LifeStyle family.

During our build I was able to stop by all the time and speak to the subcontractors. maybe more than I should, but I have to say they were awesome! They answered every question in detail; they were very respectful and friendly. I’m sure I’m going to miss some people and I don’t know everyone’s names. But I want to give thanks to the framers from Cocoa Beach; Real Tree, the excavator who drove the green Toyota; the two men who did our finishing topography – awesome job; the plumbers from Palm Bay; Brian the painter; all the electricians along with Jordan from Paey’s Electric who’s doing our smart home set up; the two young men who installed our windows; Tim who hung our doors; the lead tile guy who did our tile floor and master bathroom – thanks for the broom and being so kind to my kids; East Coast Irrigation both leads; Tyson the roofer; the concrete stucco crew – great relaxing music; Scott Whipple and his crew; Melissa and your design crew who put together our vision; Mike Saltsman who ran our power; Matt who did awesome job with drywall touch up. This gentleman lived there and made the comment, “When Dan is in charge you’re going to be there a while because he’s very thorough.” The cleaning ladies for having it move-in ready. I know I have forgotten many people; these were just a few of the exceptional hard-working folks who made our dream come true. My family and I want to thank Dan Coe for his customer service his attention to detail and making our dreams come true so easily. We definitely recommend LifeStyle to other future home builders.”

-David Hogue

Our Home Turned Out Better Than We Ever Imagined

“Hi Karen,

My apologies for just now getting around to the post! We were waiting for our plantation blinds to come in to finish off the front of the house. We love our home and very excited to be in before the holidays! Many thanks to a fantastic team, especially Tom Dutton, Tom Mueller, and Jennifer.

Our home turned out better than we ever imagined!

Hats off to Lifestyle Homes  ~ Wishing you all a Happy New Year!”

-Linda Crouch

We Know We Picked the Right Builder


I just wanted to follow up to tell you that our entire home experience exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled with our new home in Valencia.

Paul has done a tremendous job from day one of our purchase right though our closing. He is always available to answer any questions my wife, Lorraine, may have had about the St. Thomas model from Seville which she based many features for our own home. He was professional and informative throughout the process. When Lorraine and I first were looking at models within the Seville group of builders we fell in love with the St Thomas home and Paul was the clincher.

Dan Coe was our Superintendent and he also could not have been any better. We had our prior home built in NY and I can tell you first hand that Dan’s knowledge and ability to multitask is the best that I have seen. Whenever we had a question, Dan was available and provided details required to make good decisions. In addition, when a few items came up that we felt were off from our expectations Dan was immediately on them and we met our targeted close of July 31, 2019. This was a great accomplishment given we had sold our house in NY and our apartment lease expired on July 28, 2019.

Jennifer (in the design office) worked closely with Lorraine and was very patient and helped us end up with a great looking home with everything matching perfectly.

Last but not least, Nicole was fantastic guiding us through each step of the closing and change orders.

In New York you are surrounded by lawyers at closings and I cannot express enough how much easier and enjoyable the process is in Florida.

As you can see we had a terrific home purchase experience and could not be happier with our decision to relocate from NY to Valencia and we know we picked the right builder in LifeStyle who provided a great team.

Thanks again.”

-Fred Wedley

You Should Be Proud of the Way You Represented Your Employer

“Dear Russ,

Today is significant in our process of purchasing a new home in Malabar. We want to stop for a moment to express our appreciation for all of your efforts to make sure that our home will exceed our expectations. You have accomplished that mission. You took the time to make sure that many issues were quickly resolved, many of which I’m sure we never noticed. You should be proud of the way you represented your employer LifeStyle Homes.”

-Steve and Lisa Simpson

He Has Been So Helpful and Skillful

“Dear Mr. Gilbert,

Having recently spent a couple hours with David Daniels, we feel compelled to let you know how impressed we are with his professionalism as well as his knowledge, capabilities and friendliness. He has been very reasonable and accommodating every step of the way.

He spent many hours of his own time on weekends helping us look for a suitable building site and guiding us through this undertaking, both in the field and in his office going through mounds of paperwork. He has been so helpful and skillful taking us through all this.

We both are looking forward to future get-togethers with David as we anxiously plan our new LifeStyle home.

LifeStyle is fortunate to have such a person as David as part of your team. We have enjoyed laughter and good conversations with him, as well as the business of building a quality home. We consider him to be friend as well as a knowledgeable consultant.”

-Bob and Nancy Pecor


We Know the House Is Being Built So Well Because It Is Under Your Supervisory

“Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you have done with our home. You are an incredible asset to LifeStyle Homes and we are so happy we chose LifeStyle and got you as our superintendent! You have been extremely attentive to our needs and we feel confident with you being our eyes and ears here on this project. One of our neighbors told us today they really were so surprised that a company now a days had someone like you quite literally on the job sight daily and so involved as you have been. We can tell that you have put forth much work and your workers really have done a marvelous job. You can’t believe the number of people that told us today when we were dropping off the fans at how beautiful the house was and one lady even said LifeStyle was a good company to build with and that their son-in-law did the plumbing for our house! Again we know the house is being built so well because it is under your supervisory. Thanks again for all your help.

Best regards.”

-Myrna and Michael Dugan

Your Selection Prompts Were Right On

“Dear Jennifer,

Hi, we hope this finds you and your loved ones well. We just saw our house today. You are INCREDIBLE!! Your selection prompts were right on. Really perfect! Instead of outdated Venetian gold countertops, I not only have the beach house I never imagined I could, but I am sure it will stand the test of time and will attest to the quality of your talent! Thank you particularly for your patience and time. I would send you pictures but they do not do the counters, cabinets,  wall tile, floor tile, and of course the absolutely incomparable lanai bath credit. I would love for you to see the house in person, but if you don’t make it over before we take ownership we would love for you to visit for a lunch. I thank God for allowing you to be in this position to glamorize our home. Happy New Year!

Best always.”

-Myrna and Michael Dugan

He Always Saw It Through to Completion

“My name is Robert Gonzalez and I live in Pineda Springs. I’m writing you Tom, because I would like for you to know about Mr. Treece’s job performance during the time I’ve lived here. Bill has always made himself available to us every time we’ve contacted him for something concerning our home, text or call he has always gotten back to us. He is in my opinion a valued employee for LifeStyle Homes. Any task-that needed to be done he always saw it through to completion. I worked in construction for 25 years myself and I know how important it is for a builder such as LifeStyle to know when they have a valuable employee. Bill is exceptional in doing his job and handling those around him. He’s very respectful to everyone he deals with and as you and I know things don’t get done at the snap of a finger. However I was always satisfied with the time span it took for each job he had at our home. So thank you Bill Treece!”

-W. Robert  Gonzalez

We Want to Commend Dan Coe and His Crew

“Dear Paul Gilbert,

We want to thank and commend Dan Coe and his crew for their attention to detail in the building of our home. Dan, especially, was prompt to respond to our emails and any concerns we have had. We are trying to get settled but feel sure we will feel at home and enjoy our new surroundings. Thank you!”

-Mary Carlson-Cleaver

You Guys Did a Great Job

“One of the reasons we wanted to wait to do the review was we wanted to see how things went once the house was finished. … The first week we moved in we were hit with IRMA and the house didn’t get a scratch. We have been working with LifeStyle on this house since August of 2016 when we first were land shopping and working with Kristi. It has been a pleasant experience and the staff was great to work with even when we were getting a little stressed out. Dan Coe has continued to support the two fixes we needed in the last year quickly and made sure we were taken care of. You guys did a great job and we love the house!”

-Chris and Venecia Curcio

Mr. Johnson Provided Us With Comfort and Confidence Throughout the Journey

“LifeStyle Home Builders,

We had the great pleasure of having our family’s dream home built by your company recently. Truthfully, we couldn’t have been more pleased with each step of the process and each person we worked with. The commitment LifeStyle makes to their customers is outstanding and was very much appreciated by our family throughout the adventure.

Upon completion of the home, we received our standard customer satisfaction survey, however we felt the experience we had with our Superintendent Bob Johnson was anything but standard. The manner in which Mr. Johnson operated was second to none! From our first meeting to our last, Mr. Johnson’s professionalism, vision, and commitment to making our dreams come true was exemplary. He also included talking to our two young daughters when we would see him on the property which made an impression on them! They will always remember “Mr. Bob.”

While building a home for LifeStyle is clearly a well-oiled daily process, for our family it was a monumental undertaking that took on the risk of our hard-earned investment falling short of the dream it was intended to produce. Mr. Johnson ensured that dream became a reality! Through each step of the process, he was prepared, purposed, and committed to perfection. Mr. Johnson provided us with comfort and confidence throughout the journey. He made sure to educate and prepare us for each step. He was always available to answer any questions we had. He never seemed to miss a beat and had already managed to produce the answer to our questions before we asked. More important than the drywall and screws of the building, Mr. Johnson was an advocate for our family. He was never the “sleazy salesperson,” and certainly never the “let’s just get it done guy.” He made sure to provide us with all the information needed to make our decisions.

Mr. Johnson’s reputation certainly precedes him. When we would mention how great he was to LifeStyle, the response was always the same: “Yeah that’s Bob,” or “Oh yeah, he’s great.” It was if to say the level at which Mr. Johnson operates was common. We also got the same response from all the contractors when we talked to them. They also highly enjoy working under him.

We decided to add this letter to our customer satisfaction survey to reiterate, there is nothing common about the work and dedication of Bob Johnson. Yes, Mr. Johnson was the superintendent during the build of our house, however, it was his willingness to be an advocate for our family, a visionary for our dream, and a support for our questions and concerns that made our risky venture a worthwhile commitment. We would like to thank the entire LifeStyle team but especially Mr. Johnson who made our dreams come true.”

-Jennifer and Michael Mahl

Mark Managed the Process Flawlessly

“Hi Karen,

I just closed on a new LifeStyle home, and wanted to drop you a line regarding my experience. The LifeStyle team managed the process professionally from beginning to end, delivering a beautiful, high quality home uniquely tailored to my requirements.

A special shout-out goes to Mark Carabia, Construction Superintendent.  I lived out of state while the home was being built, and never had reason for concern around project execution.  Mark managed the process flawlessly, with superb attention to detail and excellent communication.  He built the home I now share with my mom as though he were building it for his own mother.

While this is likely to be my forever home, I would not hesitate to build with LifeStyle again.

Best regards.”

-Chuck Brooks

Quick Email to Express My Satisfaction


I just wanted to send out a quick email to express my satisfaction with my superintendent Dan Coe’s work, support and communication throughout our building process. My wife Katie and I are closing on Friday 3/30. It has been a lengthy process due to circumstances beyond Dan’s control but he was approachable and always searched out an answer if he did not already know it. I know hiring quality workers and retaining them can be hard now days but I feel that is just what you have found with Dan.”

-The Fitz family

It Was Clear He Embodies LifeStyle Values and Customer Care Extremely Well

“Dear Paul,

My wife and I wanted to share with you and the LifeStyle Homes’ Senior Management Team the appreciation we have for Tom Dutton. We were out of the U.S. during construction of the house, that, we now delightfully look forward to living in.

Being new in the area and away from the construction site we were kind of wondering how our home building project would go. Contrary to this initial, somewhat skeptical thoughts the home building experience has been super satisfactory. Right at the get go initial meeting to go over the design and features, Tom, realizing our concerns and anxiety about having our future home built from long distance, made us fill comfortable and confident that things will be taken care of.

We found Tom detail-oriented, a person with patience and a good listener. He answered our questions and addressed concerns. We got a good feel for his ability to well manage sub-contractors and construction crews. We also felt that he had good rapport with multiple construction teams and the LifeStyle team working in the back office. Our home building project went very well. He facilitated our communication with various construction teams very efficiently and effectively and the whole house, complete with landscaping, was ready in the time he said it would be complete.

The walk through with him one week before closing was very pleasant experience for us. Given Tom’s ability to manage the project well, the punch list was very small, again with Tom’s good eye and attention to detail. He guided us in having a list of contacts for various services that we have been able to work with in preparation for closing and be ready to take keys to the house yesterday.

We congratulate LifeStyle management team in hiring and retaining Tom. In our experience it was clear he embodies LifeStyle values and customer care extremely well. Overall, our experience with Jennifer, Tom Mueller, Nicole, Melissa, Paul Stradtner and other support team members has been very good as well.

We have built a house with a nationally recognized builder before and you would be proud to hear that building home with LifeStyle has been much much better experience. We are glad we chose to build with LifeStyle. We will enjoy a high quality, comfortable and pleasant residence for good many years.

Best regards.”

-Suman and Shobha Patel

You Have Built Us A Beautiful Residence!

“Our experience with LifeStyle was extremely pleasant and stress-free. Everyone at LifeStyle was professional, knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and courteous. Mark, our superintendent, was very accommodating and responsive. We are very pleased with the excellent workmanship of our LifeStyle home. You have built us a beautiful residence!”

-Lisa Padron


Things Have Gone Very Smoothly, Timely, and Without Any Interruption

“Dear Sir,

Since March 2017 when we signed our contract with you company until now, it is a pleasant experience to build a home with an organization of yours. We have lived in Maryland for 45 years. We were looking for oceanfront property or a second home for a long time. Then, a few friends bought in Seville with a different builder. I (Geeta) liked you model home very much and immediately signed up for our lot.

It has been smooth sailing ever since. We were worried about the hassle factor of building a home. Your team is remarkably easy to work with and very helpful. Jennifer, Paul Gilbert, and Tom Mueller, all were very nice to work with. We made a lot of changes and upgrades in the home.

One thing which need to point out is your superintendent, Tom Dutton. He is exceptional in his ability to orchestrate and schedule work with subcontractors. All subcontractors, workers, and building crew had a very good opinion about him. He is knowledgeable, pleasant, and exceptional. We are lucky to have him.

Since construction on our home, things have gone very smoothly, timely, and without any interruption. Credit goes mainly to Tom Dutton and of course to your building contractors.

We feel satisfied in selecting you as our final home builder. We would not hesitate to recommend LifeStyle to our friends. We wish a bright future for Tom Dutton for future projects like Valencia.

Thank you. Yours sincerely.”

-Shashikant and Geeta Patel


He Did EVERYTHING He Said He Would Do ... And More!

“Hi, Tom-

I closed on my new home in Viera today and I wanted to send a note about my experience with the LifeStyle team.

Everyone I encountered at LifeStyle was professional, capable, friendly, and a pleasure to work with.

This is the third house my wife and I have built and our experience with Lifestyle was so much better than the two previous builders (both in NJ) that we cannot even compare them!

I want to mention two people in particular. Tom Dutton is AMAZING. My wife and I currently live in Atlanta, so I had to manage this project from 500 miles away. Tom could not have been more accommodating and helpful. He did EVERYTHING he said he would do … and more! The house is PERFECT  due to Tom’s attention to detail. He is professional, amazingly competent, responsive and, on top of it all, an incredibly nice guy.  I honestly felt that I had a partner in the construction process because of the careful attention Tom paid to every detail. It seemed like he was building the house for himself! The care with which Tom does his job, the respect he showed me as a customer and his great attitude are uncommon in the marketplace today. I hope LifeStyle appreciates Tom as much I as do because he deserves it!

I’d also like to commend Paul Stradtner who was the salesperson from whom we purchased the house. We asked millions of questions over a period of months before we signed the contract and Paul never grew inpatient with us. Like Tom, he was always professional, competent and friendly. He always followed through and got us answers to every question we had and he didn’t give up on us, even when we were not sure what we wanted to do. He gave us the time and the information we needed to make a very important decision and his actions led to us purchasing this house.

Again, everyone I encountered at LifeStyle, from the receptionists to the designers to the office staff, was great, but Tom and Paul were superb. I thought it was important to let you know that I appreciate the exemplary work done for me and my wife by the great team at LifeStyle.

Thank you.”

-Mark Tomassone

Everyone Made Sure Everything Went Smoothly

“Dear Mr. Luhn,

We would like to thank you for the excellent service we received from the staff at LifeStyle Homes with building our house on Merritt Island. From the initial sales meeting with Linda to the closing with Nicole, everyone make sure everything went smoothly. The project would not have finished without the help of Dan Coe, Jennifer, Lizzy, and Lorraine. We especially like the fact that all these people are willing to help after the home has been sold.

Thank you again.”

-Peter and Rita Massaras

From Day One Our Experience Has Been Nothing But Pleasurable

“Hi Jordan,

Good afternoon, hope this email finds you well. I wanted to give you some initial feedback on the home building process to date.

First let me say that from day one our experience has been nothing but pleasurable.  Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with, and certainly did everything within his power to make us happy and not feel like we were getting nickel and dimed when starting the buying process.

Our process continued with Tom Mueller who is also extremely professional and very responsive.  This also extends to Jennifer who took her time to ensure we were happy with all our choices that were going into the house.

Now we have been working with Tom Dutton for the remainder of this process.  He is extremely knowledgeable and always available to take a phone call or answer a text message.  He has been holding our hands through this process and making, a normally  stressful event in life, into an exciting and fun experience.

Anyways, we still have a few months to go but I wanted to at least share some feedback on our experience to date.”

– Terry and Zarela Kaplan

We Felt Like They Really Cared About Us

“The group of people at LifeStyle that we worked with really took the time to listen to our ideas and make our dream home a reality. We felt like they really cared about us, and if ever a problem arose it was quick to be fixed. It felt like we were a team.”

– Alisha Renfrew

Excellent Job


Just want to express our thanks and appreciation for the excellent job done by Tom Dutton, LifeStyle Homes should be very proud to have him on the team.

I also wanted to reach out to Jay Hopay as well, he did an great job guiding us through the design phase and putting up with my constant emails requesting status on the building permit.

Thank you LifeStyle Homes.”

-Robert (Bob) Gaffney

We Aren't Just Some Project On A Board, But A Family!

“We’ve been working with LifeStyle for over two years now, from just the pipe dream of building our new custom home, through the entire process. We have felt so at ease with the service, process and people and have really felt like they all have our best interest in mind. It’s a big, HUGE, investment and we’ve been delighted to know that we aren’t just some project on a board, but a family!

Shannon, Tom, Jennifer, Russ, really everyone has been exceptionally great to work with and have helped us through each of the bumps in the road. They’ve been responsive, attentive and honest with us, which is all the more we can ask for.

We looked at other home builders – for cost, quality and service – and we kept coming back to LifeStyle. They offer a great home, wonderful selections, extra amenities, but most importantly, the service that we didn’t find anywhere else.

Building a home, especially a custom home from a very lengthy “wish list” is daunting, frustrating, confusing, expensive, and overwhelming at times. That’s the reality of it, but I felt that the team at LifeStyle have been supportive and patient, honest, helpful and a great guide to this process. We are excited to continue our journey with them, through to completion.”

-Rebecca Menard (reviewed on Houzz)

I Felt A True Partnership

“Working with each and every one of the LifeStyle team members was a true joy, especially Dan Coe, our site foreman. This was our third custom home build and by far the best experience. My questions were always readily answered, and I felt a true partnership in the entire process. Dan was always gracious when I needed clarification on a point, and receptive when I found errors that needed correction. We were a team working together to reach a specific goal, that being the successful completion of our home. We’ve since moved into our new home and have discovered a few minor problems, all of which have been or are being taken care of by Dan and your contractors.”

-Ted Badger

We Felt As Safe As Could Be

“Dear LifeStyle,

All through the hurricane we felt as safe as could be – thanks to the quality of home you built us. The winds did roar but our home stood firm. Thank you for the designing and building of our safe harbor during the storm.”

-Seth and Cathy Holman

It Was Built So Fast

“We love the house. It was built so fast. Tom (LifeStyle superintendent) was great to work with! We were able to design it to our exact taste thanks to Jennifer (LifeStyle interior designer), and it is everything we could have ever looked for in a house! We will definitely contact LifeStyle Homes if we were ever looking to build again!”

– Jenna Schwibner

We Couldn't Be More Pleased!

“Our building experience has been wonderful! The attention to detail from everyone at LifeStyle throughout the entire process has been exceptional! Working with Jennifer (LifeStyle’s interior designer) in the design center early in the process was very helpful. Our superintendent, Tom, has been outstanding and a pleasure to work with. We have a beautiful, quality home that we are very excited about. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

-Kim Klaus

...By Far the Best Home Specialist We Have Encountered

Good evening.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you regarding David Daniels. My husband and I are looking to build our 4th home and I must say that David is by far the best home specialist we have encountered over the years. He is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, patient, authentic, professional and dedicated. I have changed floor plans and ideas at least 6 times, however David always makes me feel like it is not a big deal and is accommodating. David provides a wealth of knowledge regarding the LifeStyle product/options without speaking negatively about the competitors (very hard to do). In addition, he is very responsive to my never-ending emails (even on the days he is not scheduled to work). To me, that is pure dedication and LifeStyle is lucky to have him as a member of the team.

We are in the final step of the process. Aside from the quality and price point of the home we hope to build with LifeStyle, I feel that if David is a reflection of the overall team we will be in a good place. I have a very busy and hectic job, so the last thing I need is added stress over the next year of the building process (realizing that there is no such thing as perfection).

Again, I just wanted to share positive feedback. I am sure (much like my role), you mainly only hear from customers/vendors when they are dissatisfied or frustrated. In this case, it is the complete opposite.”

-Felicia N. Rabsatt-Harris, MBA, MHA, CHC

He Was Always Willing To Assist Us

“Good afternoon! I am e-mailing you to express my appreciation for the outstanding customer service we received from one of your employees, Paul Stradtner.  My husband and I recently purchased the model home located on 1223 Alto Vista Drive.  We loved it the moment we walked in. We were greeted with great enthusiasm from Mr. Stradtner, who should be commended for his strong interpersonal skills, humor, and patience. We were impressed with his knowledge and explanation of the house and his willingness to work with us to make the deal a reality. I’m sure we pestered him with our barrage of questions, but he was always willing to assist us. Please pass along our appreciation of his outstanding assistance!”

– Curt VanGeison and William Stehnach

We Saw the Quality Going Into the Build

“There was a lot to like about how our house was built. We saw the quality going into the build. Daniel (superintendent) really kept on top of things and all our interactions with everyone at LifeStyle was really wonderful.”

– Sandra Hammond

This Company Wants To Make You Happy!

The sales person Leslie Brecken with Lifestyle Homes is very continuous to satisfy her clients with building or buying their homes. She wants to make sure you are happy with their homes and will work with your home to get it exactly the way you want with no problems. This company wants to make you happy!

-Melody Resnik (reviewed on

We Had The Best Supervisor

“We had the best supervisor, Tom Dutton. Everything was on time (really ahead of schedule) and professionally done. Tom made sure our home was built on time and correctly. We passed all of the inspections without a problem! Living in our LifeStyle home truly has been a dream come true.”

-Joanne Nesbitt

Tom, A Long Overdue Thank You

“Tom (Dutton), a long overdue thank you. We love the house you built for us. We get so many compliments on the house.  You were invaluable, from the design to the finished product.  Without your guidance, experience, and knowledge it would have not turned out as well.  We would not consider building another home without you.  This is the second house you built for us and you did an outstanding job on both.  Again thank you. Kindest Regards.”

– Glenda and Richard Bahr

I Appreciate the Solid Construction and My Very Low Monthly Electric Bill

“After living in my home for a year, I appreciate the solid construction and my very low monthly electric bill. Even though my build is complete, the Lifestyle team has continued to be there for me to answer any questions. I couldn’t be happier in my new home!”

– Kristen Krusell

Hopefully We Will Be Just As Happy and Raving Five Years After We Have Moved In

“Hello Tom and Jennifer,

I would like to pass on this email to Tom Dutton’s boss please…

We are very pleased with Tom and his work ethics. He has been excellent in responding to us and our needs. His schedule for building is remarkable.

I am hoping LifeStyle’s workmanship is equivalent to how Tom is performing.. Hopefully we will be just as happy and raving five years after we have moved in.

Thank you very much.”

– Varsha Vaishnav

We Have Built Three Homes With You

“LifeStyle Homes, your company is awesome! We have built three homes with you and your customer service is incredible. Thank you for the beautiful plant. So thoughtful!”

– Susan Morris

I Don’t Think I Could Have Had A Better Team Helping Me

“LifeStyle Homes treated me as a part of their family. From the initial discussions to the very end, everyone was awesome. Leslie (new home sales specialist) walked me through the floor plan taking care of details I wouldn’t have thought about. Jennifer (interior designer) helped with all the design choices, and Russ (superintendent) took care of me every step with the building details. I don’t think I could have had a better team helping me.

I can’t wait to sit on my balcony in the morning and have coffee before work and use my beautiful huge master bathroom and new awesome kitchen! Thanks Lifestyle!”

– Chris Vellanti

The Entire Process Was Great

“From the design through the actual build, and finally moving in in December, the entire process was great. Working with Jennifer Sartori (LifeStye’s interior designer) while designing the house, and choosing fixtures and appliances, was a pleasure. When a sudden major change in home choice (from a Monterey II to I) was made March of last year, LifeStyle made the transition and re-plan stress-free. As the house build progressed, Carl Gould (building superintendent) was always on top of the process and kept me informed as each of the major steps was completed. Even now Carl continually works to get the final touches done and handles any problems that surface.”

– Ward Ahders

Everything Has Been Quick and the Work Has Been Stellar

“My name is Greg Willey and your company is building my home in north Merritt Island. I would like to take some time to let you know how pleased I am with the work that has been completed so far. I have been in construction business for 22 years and specialize in fine detail trim work and cabinetry and I have been known to be a very, very picky judge of craftsmanship. The house is just in its finally rough carpentry phase, but so far every sub contractor has been excellent. Other than a delay with the land clearing, everything has been quick and the work has been stellar. Daniel has been a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to the rest of the process. Hopefully this trend will continue. Thank You.”

– Greg and Kim Willey


I Would Recommend LifeStyle Homes to Everyone I Know

“Once Tom (Dutton) took over and the building commenced, we knew we were in good hands. I can’t stress enough how amazing he is. His calm demeanor, professional attitude, and commitment are unmatched in business. He truly cares about the client as well as LifeStyle Homes. His value in the building process and to LifeStyle is immeasurable.

At the end of the day, I would recommend LifeStyle Homes to everyone I know and will praise them to people I meet. The end product, our beautiful home across from the beach, is truly amazing and the process to get there was full of excitement. Thank you LifeStyle Homes.”

– Terri Harris

If We Were Ever to Build Again We Would Choose LifeStyle

“There are many energy-saving features to LifeStyle homes that intrigued us. We were able to make some changes to the floor plan to suit our needs, and we were kept informed and involved through the whole building process. Our questions were always promptly addressed. The Design Center made selecting all the finishes for our home easier. It was great to have such a wide selection of materials all in one place. If we were ever to build again we would choose LifeStyle.”

– Charlie Collver

The Options Available Were Endless and the Entire Building Process Went Perfectly

“Linda in sales was very knowledgeable and was key to our purchasing a home in Pineda Ridge.  The pricing is fair for the quality of home LifeStyle builds and our superintendent, Russ, did an outstanding job. He seemed to take interest in building our home as if it were HIS. The options available were endless and the entire building process went perfectly. … Our home is absolutely perfect and we almost don’t want to leave for vacations anymore because we feel like we ARE on vacation.”

– Brent Van Bever

LifeStyle Homes is an Extraordinary Home Builder

“LifeStyle Homes is an extraordinary home builder. If you care at all about the energy efficiency of your home and the quality of the construction, you cannot afford to overlook this company.  They built the first net zero-energy home in Brevard County, and we can personally attest to the energy efficiency of that product – for many months of the year, we produce more energy than we use, thereby earning energy credits for those months when we use a higher amount of electricity.  Additionally, the quality of construction was excellent, and any problems we encountered were addressed immediately by Tom Dutton, our construction supervisor.  The entire LifeStyle Homes staff, from start to finish, was friendly, accessible, knowledgeable, and professional.  As a result of their expertise, we ended up with an extremely well-built, energy-efficient home at an affordable price.  There’s a very good reason why this company has won multiple awards and was chosen by Extreme Makeover Home Edition to do the build in Brevard County!”

-Reviewed on Angie’s List

My Experience Has Been Nothing But Incredible With LifeStyle

“My experience has been nothing but incredible with LifeStyle. Things were done in a timely manner. If I build a new home in the future, I would choose LifeStyle without any hesitation. Thank you to all of you.”

-Dr. Vijay Katukuri

Everyone Answers Their Phone

“LifeStyle has been incredible to work with. Every interaction that we have had has been great.  Every person involved has been friendly and approachable. Everyone answers their phone when you call and is willing to help. I have changed my mind several times on parts of the build and every time I have called, everyone has been open to the changes.”

– James King

That's A Builder Who is Serious About Taking Care of Their People

“I highly recommend LifeStyle. The super on our house was Carl, and he was always very professional and always answered his cell phone when we called. The house is top quality and super energy efficient. We had a raccoon in the attic months after moving in and LifeStyle paid a ton of money to have the insulation removed, have it cleaned, and blow in new insulation. That’s a builder who is serious about taking care of their people.”

-Reviewed on Angie’s List

Nice Group of People

“I have never dealt with such a nice group of people. I dealt with Jake and he was especially good.  They are very family oriented.  They were great with communicating with me during the whole process. They were extremely honest and kept their word. I would highly recommend this company.”

-Reviewed on Angie’s List

Such a Wonderful Experience!

“I do not have the words to express my appreciation to Paul, Tom, Jake and the others at the office. This is a dream that has come true. Looking back, I do not know how it all came together, but now, I just marvel at my new home! I am going to spend the entire week next week just being in my new home with my cat putting away things and starting to work on my pool. Michael is coming in a couple of weeks. I can hardly wait to see the expression on his face! Thank you! Take care and bless you all!”

– Maria Silva-Hatch

Happy in Harmony!

“Thanks to LifeStyle Homes for building a truly incredible home for us! All the finishes and colors are exactly what we asked for. Many of our friends here in Harmony have seen your excellent work and are impressed with both the design of our home and the workmanship you have supplied. We appreciate all your staff and their dedication to doing a good job. We will be very very happy to get our keys and move in! We can hardly wait to live in our beautiful new home!”

– Dave and Marylin Blair

Our New Home Looks Great!

“Cathy and I are so excited about the progress of our new home! Tom Dutton, our superintendent, is just great. He is always on top of any request we have. We have also had the chance to meet many of the tradesmen that have been working on our home, and they have all been professional and courteous. We have already met some of our soon-to-be neighbors. Most have built through LifeStyle, also with Tom, and they have nothing but praise for him. We are so glad we stopped in and met you, Leslie. You were the positive start to this great adventure, and the LifeStyle team has carried it forward for us. Thank you all.” – Barney and Cathy Weiss

My Compliments to Carl, Our Superintendant

“Carl Gould is really special! He has our home moving right along, but no so fast the guys are cutting corners. No Sir! A+ all the way, and I have NEVER seen a construction site so clean, inside and out! Thanks for everything! You LifeStyle guys are great!”

– Tommy Gates, Sr.


Thanks for Extra Effort

“Cheryl and I want to thank you and your organization for the extra effort to resolve our fence problem. It is refreshing to work with a company that cares about its clients.”

– Mark and Cheryl Doloff

What a Great Experience!

“We want you to know what a pleasure it has been for us to go through the home building process with the staff at LifeStyle Homes! From the beginning to the end, all who had a part in it did a wonderful job. Carl Gould, our builder, made every challenge we thought we had simply go away because of his knowledge about all facets of building a home. Phyllis and I want to thank you, Jake,  for your patience, understanding and personal involvement. Thank you ALL!”

– Carl and Phyllis Hunt

Absolutely Beyond Question the Right Place for Us

Hi, Jay!

Isn’t this incredible that we’ve finally gotten the contracts signed for the model, the house is underway, and we’ve actually gotten to walk though it (several times, in fact) — who would have ever thought???

Larry and I just wanted to thank you again for your part in all of this — and we seriously mean that. When Mom and I stopped into your model to see a LifeStyle home and we talked with you, you took the time to listen to what I was saying and to understand our time constraints. You’re the one who connected all the dots, who set all of this into motion, and we appreciate that more than you know. This has been a long journey for us, spanning several years and with some heartbreak along the way, but the home where we’re now going to get to live when we retire is absolutely beyond question the right place for us.

All of you have been so kind and gracious to us during this process, so we’re counting on this home — when it’s finally ours (is it time yet????) — to be a truly magical haven for us!

Thanks, Jay!
Larry and Debbie

A Pleasure to Work With

Mr. Luhn,

I wanted to take a minute to express my thanks for the way in which your staff recently handled a home warranty issue. Everyone was very helpful and professional. I especially appreciate how efficient and thorough Carl Gould was in resolving this issue. He did a great job of communicating and following through. He was a pleasure to work with.

My experience served to reinforce the fact that I had chosen a quality builder who was willing to stand behind their work.

Best regards,
Walt Hersing


What a Fantastic Job the LifeStyle Team Did

Hi Jake,

I just wanted to let you know how beautiful I think mom and dad’s new home looks. What a fantastic job the LifeStyle team did. Which is no surprise, but just wanted to thank you nonetheless. Mom and Dad are so pleased with everything and everyone. Dad said Carl was such a pleasure to work with.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful 4th. I know my family is going to…we are planning on cranking up the blender later this afternoon so we can christen their new home with a refreshing beverage!! = – )

Thanks again,



You Have Built a Great Home

Hello Jake,

It has already been a week since we closed on the house. I wanted to convey my regards to the entire team at Lifestyle. You have built a great home and I look forward spending a lot of years in it. I am confident in the quality of the house as well as any servicing it might need.



One of a Kind

“Germain & I want to Thank You for a job well done and special thanks to Carl who has been excellent to work with. He was always there to help and ensure that we were completely satisfied. He did what he had to do to rectify any problems and/or issues which arose as our home was being built. He is one of a kind!

Jake, also want to thank you for your patience even at times it was not always easy. Both you and Carl’s patience and dedication to this project was greatly appreciated.”

– Lorraine & Germain


My Family Loves Our Home


Thank you! With your company’s leadership, our vision became our custom dream home inside and out. It is awesome! My family loves our home.

We interviewed and priced our plans with several builders. Life Style was the only company to take the time to answer all of our questions, truly cared about the outcome of what we desired for our property, and Life Style’s pricing was extremely competitive with what should be expected for this type of custom work. Before, during, and after construction, all Life Style’s personnel, (especially your on site supervisor), including your subcontractors, were always professional, knowledgeable, caring (took pride in their work), showed up for work on time, and were consistent with what we had agreed too.

Since this is our final dream home, we do not plan on building ever again, but if we do build again, my wife and I are customers for life with Life Style.



Mike Ullian

You Are All So Awesome!

“I am currently building a LifeStyle home which is under the supervision of Carl Gould.  I wanted to write this letter to express to you how impressed I am with the work that Carl has done thus far.  Every time I have called he promptly returns the call, the very same day!!  LifeStyle Homes is very fortunate to have Carl on their team.  The only reason I know that is because of some of the ‘horror’ stories’ I’ve heard from others (not building a LifeStyle home) about the construction process of their home.  Thank you all, for everything you’re doing and continue to do to make sure my new home is everything I’ve dreamt it to be.  You are all so awesome!”

– Althea James

Thank You for Building My Dream Home

“I would like to take the time to commend Carl Gould, my construction supervisor, for the fine job he did overseeing the construction of my new home. He kept me posted as to the work schedule, was attentive to my needs and corrected any minor problems in a timely manner. He is a true asset to your organization and I would highly recommend him and LifeStyle Homes to anyone looking to build a new home. Thank you for building my ‘dream’ home.”

-Joe Darci

Pleasant, Professional, Detail Oriented

“We chose LifeStyle Homes to build the Floridian model home for us in 2004, because of your outstanding reputation. The quality of workmanship is very evident in our home. We have and will continue to refer potential homeowners to LifeStyle Homes. Carl was our Site Manager. We have built many homes through subcontractors, when we lived in New Hampshire. We have never dealt with a more pleasant, professional and detail oriented individual as Carl.”

– Bart and Marka Defina

No Questions Left Unanswered

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend LifeStyle Homes. I had the pleasure of working with Carl Gould (Superintendent), if making talented people like Mr. Gould available to your customers is in indication of the service that I can expect in the future, you can be sure that I’ll recommend your company to all of my personal and business associates. No questions or answers were left unanswered or unresolved.”

-Trevor L. Thomas

Very Happy We Bought a LifeStyle Home

“We felt we met our first friend in Florida when we met Linda. Coming from N.Y., she knew how we felt and was extremely helpful. We are very happy we bought a LifeStyle home. Everyone in the office was great too! Thank you everyone!”

-Donna and Ken Andreski

Constantly Kept in Touch

“I am the happiest, or at least one of the happiest LifeStyle home owners in Deer Lakes. I am an ‘out-of-towner’ and he constantly kept in touch with me both before an after I moved in.”

-Shirley Skrove

Very Impressed

“Very impressed with Tom, our building supervisor. He always responded quickly to questions and problems, and is very pleasant and accommodating.”

-Rob and Doreen Strait

Beyond the Call of Duty

“We were very pleased with your staff. They were very courteous, helpful, accommodating, understanding, and patient. Tom Dutton was fantastic! He was very patient and answered all our questions. He went beyond the call of duty. He went the extra mile!”

– S.G. and Lois Kluver

The Customer Truly Came First

“We are writing to you to express our pleasure with the superior work performed by our construction supervisor, Tom Dutton. Mr. Dutton is the most dedicated, conscientious, skilled, and customer focused professional we have met. His commitment to delivering a top quality home and his customer focus are valuable assets to LifeStyle Homes. He made us feel that the customer truly came first.

We went into our home building experience with great trepidation since we do not live in the immediate area. What could have been a harrowing, stressful experience became smooth, easy, and enjoyable under Tom’s direction.

He was able to look after the interests of both LifeStyle Homes as well as the home buyer thus ensuring a successful business transaction.”

-Gary and Pam Matuschek