LifeStyle SunSmart

What Is LifeStyle SunSmart?

Each and every home we build comes complete with the LifeStyle SunSmart building package. This building package allows our homes to be at least 70% more energy-efficient than typical used homes, and at least 40% more energy-efficient than typical new homes.

In its most simplistic sense, LifeStyle SunSmart is a method of building that reinforces our commitment to do what’s right. It represents our promise to build smarter, cleaner, energy-efficient homes.

Not only does building LifeStyle SunSmart save you money, it also provides a higher-quality living environment for you and your family.

LifeStyle SunSmart helps to:

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• Conserve your money.

A 40% more energy-efficient home means you can expect 40% savings on your energy bills.

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• Improve your life.

High indoor air quality is included with each LifeStyle SunSmart home.

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• Save our planet.

Each LifeStyle SunSmart home cuts down on the need to burn more of the fossil fuels that cause the release of the noxious greenhouse gasses.


The clean-energy revolution is upon us, and today, especially in Florida, more and more homes are powered by the sun. While we’re happy to build you a solar-powered home, we understand that you may not be ready to make the investment in a complete solar system just yet. Rest assured, though, that because LifeStyle SunSmart homes are built to such tight energy-efficiency standards, each one can easily evolve into a zero-energy home with ease. In other words, your LifeStyle SunSmart home will be built as a “zero-energy ready” home. So, just as soon as you’re ready to make the solar leap, your home will be too!


Beyond its electricity-bill-slashing benefits, LifeStyle SunSmart is also good for our planet. Because each LifeStyle SunSmart home consumes at least 40% percent less electrical power than typical new homes, your home benefits the environment by cutting down on the need to burn fossil fuels, thus providing our planet relief from noxious greenhouse gas emissions.

Not to mention, burning less fossil fuels makes the air we breathe cleaner.

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In order to pass the stringent energy-efficiency inspections that each LifeStyle SunSmart home undergoes, each home must adhere to tighter tolerances, closer fits and better-sealed wall penetrations. Simply put, the pursuit of energy-efficient homes requires our homes to be built with stiffer construction quality standards than are acceptable in conventional code-built homes.

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