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LifeStyle HealthSmart is a health-centric program initiated by LifeStyle Homes in response to COVID-19. The pandemic quickly and drastically changed the world, forcing all of us to take a closer look at the role clean indoor air plays on long-term health.

With a better understanding and sharper focus on the importance of indoor air quality, LifeStyle Homes launched HealthSmart in October 2020 to markedly improve the homes we build. LifeStyle HealthSmart homes include an array of building products and practices that help stop the formation of mold and mildew, as well as keep other indoor pollutants at bay.

LifeStyle HealthSmart benefits:

• Clean Air & Comfort

Each of the features included in LifeStyle HealthSmart are intended to promote clean air inside the homes we build. Whether it’s by inhibiting the growth of mold and mildew, or by blocking dust and debris from making its way indoors, we take many, many conscientious measures to keep your family healthy and comfortable inside your LifeStyle home.

• Health-Focused Finishes

Paints with ZERO volatile organic compounds (VOCs); hard surface flooring in all main living areas to help eliminate the entrapment of dust, pet dander, and food spills; as well as low-emission carpets with anti-microbial agents, are all included in your LifeStyle HealthSmart home. These health-focused interior finishes help ward off many hazards.

• Superior Construction

Your LifeStyle HealthSmart home will be built using several superior construction techniques designed to protect against water intrusion that can eventually lead to mold and mildew. Most notably, your home will be built with a peel-and-stick roof underlayment that guards against wind-driven rain. As another level of protection, it will also include ZIP System® roofing sheathing which achieves optimal levels of permeability and drainage.

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