Smart Home Automation

Control from your couch, your car, or your coffee shop. Wherever you are, you can operate your LifeStyle home using your smartphone.

Every LifeStyle home includes a smart-home automation system that allows for simple and convenient operation and control. Virtually every WiFi-enabled component in your home can be managed through one app or through your voice-enabled devices, like Amazon Alexa®.

The following smart-home automation features are included in every home we build. Keep in mind, too, that you may choose to upgrade other features—including security and surveillance systems, locks and access, shading and more—for an even more robust smart-home automation system.

Smart Home Automation
Smart Home Automation


Four smart switches allow you to control your home’s lighting from anywhere. Forgot to turn off a light before leaving for work? Prefer that your coach lights illuminate your driveway when arriving home after dark? Want to dim the living room lights from your couch when watching a movie? Lighting control is always at your fingertips.


One zone of audio is included with LifeStyle’s smart-home automation package. This means you can command your favorite music to waft through your back patio or great room without having to fuss with audio set up.

Smart Home Automation


Simply adjust your home’s cooling or heating settings using your smartphone to optimize your comfort levels and energy savings.


You can open and shut your garage door at your leisure, boosting the security and convenience of your LifeStyle home. And while we will still give you manual remotes, this feature allows for another convenient way to open and close your garage door if needed.