There comes a time where it becomes necessary to go through your belongings and declutter your home. Spring is often the perfect time for this. Below are six tips for spring cleaning your home.

  1. Create a Plan
    Before you leap into action, you must first know what you’re going to do. First, create a plan and a list of what you want to change. Do you want to move the furniture around, and do you need help moving the furniture? If so, when will that help be available? Do you plan to declutter over a weekend, or is it better for you to do it over a period of weeks instead?
  1. Use a Timer
    Once you do start your spring cleaning, there may be plenty of other things going on in your life that you have to tend to as well. LifeStyle Homes recommends setting a timer for 30 minutes in which you’ll sort through your belongings and declutter items from your home. Once those 30 minutes are up, you can take a break to do your everyday cleaning or anything else you need to do. If it’s your day off, you can use the Pomodoro Technique for spring cleaning.
  1. Divide Items Into Categories
    Once you start on your decluttering process, you’ll want to divide everything into four categories: keep, sell, donate, or throw out. If you don’t want the item that’s taking up space, you can put it in a pile or a bag to either donate or throw out. Make sure these bags are labeled.
  1. Go Through the Medicine Cabinet
    One place people often forget to declutter is their medicine cabinet. As a result, they often have expired items, medication that they don’t need anymore, or empty bottles. There may be items that don’t even belong in the medicine cabinet.
  1. Declutter the Linen Closet
    We all have towels we keep around forever, but spring cleaning is a great time to go through them to see if we need to let them go. Since you use your bath towels frequently, a good rule of thumb is to replace them after two to three years. Over time, towels tend to lose their absorbency and start to wear thin.
  1. Switch to Paperless Living
    Switching to paperless living can greatly cut down on the amount of clutter you have. There are apps you can access on your phone and computer for note writing, and you can choose paperless billing for nearly everything these days.

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