Back-to-school time in Florida can be hectic, especially in households with big families. The rooms in your home can quickly become utter chaos if you don’t set yourself up for success from the beginning of the school year. That means ensuring your home is well-organized and the environment is conducive to doing homework.

We’ve rounded up some useful back-to-school organization tips that can help you start the school year off right and end it the same way.

1.Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves
Floor-to-ceiling shelving gives both you and your children extra places to put things. And we could all use more storage space. Shelves not only help organize all the excess items in your home, but they also can add a bit of class to a room.

2.Consider Smart Lighting
Smart lighting can help you avoid the clutter by eliminating the need for multiple lamps. Floor lamps and desktop lamps are sometimes a waste of space. Not to mention, smart lighting can boost your home’s value, as well as help save you money by automatically tuning off when not in use.

3.Invest in a Backpack Rack
A designated place to hang kids’ backpacks helps keep these items from being strewn around the home. Get your kids into the habit of hanging up their jackets and backpacks the minute they enter the house.

4.Over-the-Door Organizers
While some people use over-the-door shoe organizers, there are general over-the-door organizers that you can stick anything in—toys, shoes, and items you’d otherwise find in your junk drawer.

5.Get a Shoe Rack for the Main Entryway
The main entryway of your home can get cluttered quickly if you don’t have some way to organize all the shoes and other items your kids may leave there. A shoe rack can help keep shoes out of the middle of the floor so that when people walk in, they’re not tripping over shoes.

6.Put a Label on It
Putting labels on things like cups and bins and any type of storage container can help you avoid having to look inside each bin or box to see what’s in it. Get a label maker and some ribbon and keep it on hand so whenever you need to label something, you’ve exactly got what you need.

7.Get a File Folder or File Cabinet
Filing away important papers is essential for organization. That makes it easier to find what you need when you need it. So, get some file folders and start organizing all your essential documents. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to retrieve them.

8.Get Your Laundry Room in Order
Once school starts, so do fall sports. And that means lots of dirty clothes. If everything doesn’t have a place in your laundry room, it’s time to get some bins, bags, and boxes to help you keep everything in order. Have a specific place for dirty clothes, so they’re not strewn everywhere, and you know what’s been washed, dried, and folded and what still needs to go in the washer.

Getting Your Home Organized in the Right Ways
Now that you know how to whip your home into shape for the school year, you can start buying what you need and making your home as functional as possible. Start the school year with a well-organized home, and you’ll create an environment that’s beneficial for your children, helping them achieve more success throughout the year.

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