No doubt, Joanne Nesbitt and Glenn Kreag love the outdoors. The couple takes pleasure in wildlife photography, kayaking, and traveling—even having journeyed as far as Antarctica! It’s no surprise then that they found their dream community in Sebastian’s Cross Creek Lake Estates. With their new home situated on the community’s 44-acre lake, Joanne and Glenn spend their free time taking in sweeping views of Florida’s landscape and wildlife. Read on to get to know this wonderful couple.

LSH: What drew you to Cross Creek? What are you enjoying most about living in this community?
JN: First of all, the beautiful environment. Second, the people. They are all so friendly and glad to live here.

LSH: Why did you choose the Monterey for your new home? What do you love about this plan?
JN: The floor plan is so easy to live with and it fits our lifestyle. Our family gathers in the family room and kitchen, so this was perfect. It accommodates our needs well. We also needed a three-car garage.

LSH: How did you hear of LifeStyle Homes, and what ultimately made you decide to build with us?
JN: I heard about LifeStyle when we lived in Melbourne. I loved the solar-powered home! After looking at your model in San Marino (Suntree), we really got excited about the prospect of building a home with LifeStyle.

LSH: Why is living in a solar-powered home important to you, and what are you looking forward to most about living in your solar-powered home?
JN: We care about the environment and want to minimize our carbon footprint. Global warming is happening quickly and we do not want to contribute to the acceleration any more than we already have. After our expedition to Antarctica, we saw how fast global warming was progressing. We want to play our part and minimize our carbon footprint.

LSH: What has been your lowest electric bill amount so far?
JN: $31

LSH: What was your building experience like with LifeStyle Homes?
JN: We had the best supervisor, Tom Dutton. Everything was on time (really ahead of schedule) and professionally done. Tom made sure our home was built on time and correctly. We passed all of the inspections without a problem! Living in our LifeStyle home truly has been a dream come true.