The LifeStyle team is excited to welcome Steve and Alisha Renfrew to our homeowner family. The Renfrews moved to Vero Beach in 2010 where they married in June 2013 and had their daughter Charlotte, 16 months. LifeStyle finished construction on their brand-new custom home in Vero Beach’s 4 Lakes just in time for the family to settle in, and get ready for baby No. 2 due next month!

Congrats to Steve and Alisha on your beautiful new home and growing family, and thank you for your participation in LifeStyle’s Energy-Savers Spotlight series.

LSH: Welcome to the LifeStyle family, and congrats on your new home! What are you most excited about with regard to living in your new home?
AR: We are most excited about building memories with our growing family and making the house a home.

LSH: What do you foresee as your favorite room/space?
AR: It’s hard to say what our favorite space will be. We love the outdoor living and pool area in the summer, and also looking forward to opening up the sliders in the winter when it cools down. The garage is a place we can have some personal time and get a great work-out in, but then we also like the entertainment room upstairs and can picture a lot of family movie/game nights.

LSH: You are one of the first homeowners in 4 Lakes. What drew you to this community?
AR: We actually had no idea about Four Lakes when we decided to go with LifeStyle. It all kind of fell into place. Once we heard LifeStyle could build our custom design and had a community that had a lot that could fit our house, we immediately drove over to see it. We first fell in love with the location—Publix is literally 1-minute away. Then we met a few people who either lived in the neighborhood already, or were also building, and everyone was welcoming so it felt like a great fit for us.

LSH: What was your custom home experience like with LifeStyle?
AR: The group of people at LifeStyle that we worked with really took the time to listen to our ideas and make our dream home a reality. We felt like they really cared about us, and if ever a problem arose it was quick to be fixed. It felt like we were a team.

LSH: What was your favorite part of the building process?
AR: This was our first time building so it was very different from our past experience of buying a prebuilt home. Seeing our vision come to life was really something special. Every part was our favorite part. We even took our Christmas picture in all the construction because we were so excited that our fireplace was framed out!