We at LifeStyle Homes couldn’t be happier to call the Schwibners our first Vero Beach homeowners. By luck, this sweet young couple drove by a sign advertising a Quick Move-In Home we had under construction, gave LifeStyle a call, and soon after moved into their gorgeous new Monterey. I guess you can say it was meant to be. Read on to get to know Jenna and Jeremy Schwibner.

LSH: Please tell a bit about yourselves.
JS: Jeremy and I are both young professionals. I am a dentist and own my own dental practice, while Jeremy is a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch. I’ve lived in Vero Beach since I was 4, and moved back with Jeremy in 2011 after graduating dental school.

We have a 2-year-old son named Ari, a dog named Rusty, and a cat named Jillian.

LSH: How long have you lived in Vero Beach, and what is your favorite thing about living here?
We have lived in Vero Beach together for a little over five years, however, I grew up here. Our favorite thing about living here is being so close to our families. My parents live right down the street in the house that I grew up in, and Jeremy’s parents recently moved down from New York. Of course, living right down the street from the beach isn’t too bad either.

LSH: Why did you decide the Monterey home plan was right for you, and what do you love most about the plan?
We honestly didn’t get any say in the plan that we ended up with. We love the home plan and are glad our house was already permitted for it when we came on board. Our house was going to be built as a spec home and we were lucky enough to get into the building process earlier and really make it customized to us. We probably would have chosen the Monterey II plan as we could definitely benefit from the bonus room over the garage.

LSH: What has been you experience so far living in a solar-powered home? What has been your lowest electric bill?
JS: Living in a solar-powered home is great! Our lowest bill has been $0 but Vero power charges an $8.33 service fee.

LSH: How did you hear of LifeStyle, and what has been your experience living in a LifeStyle home?
JS: We drove by the lot and saw the sign and called Bonnie (LifeStyle sales specialist)! We love the house. It was built so fast. Tom (LifeStyle superintendent) was great to work with! We were able to design it to our exact taste thanks to Jennifer (LifeStyle interior designer), and it is everything we could have ever looked for in a house! We will definitely contact LifeStyle Homes if we were ever looking to build again.