Solar-Panels-AerialIn early 2011, LifeStyle Homes was featured on the ABC-TV reality show “EXTREME MAKEOVER: Home Edition.” With a lot of wonderful help from financial contributors, materials suppliers, and tradecraft friends all over Central Florida, LifeStyle Homes led the build of the home pictured here in just 155 hours for the Hurston family of Cocoa.

Joe and Cindy Hurston and their three children have devoted their lives to helping others by using their own plane to fly water purification machines of their own design and manufacture to give to the earthquake ravaged people of Haiti.

While the Hurston family was on a charitable relief effort, a pipe burst in their home’s upstairs bathroom, destroying much of their home and personal belongings due to the extensive, undetected flooding.  With little money from the insurance company to repair water damage, the Hurstons were essentially homeless for a year.  Yet, their desire to help others did not changed because of their misfortune.

It was that extraordinary service which caught the attention of the TV show’s producers. LifeStyle Homes was honored to lead this project.


 This was the first solar-powered net-zero-energy home to be featured on “EXTREME MAKEOVER: Home Edition.” Its “extreme” design featured part of a Boeing 747 built into the home’s dining area.

The episode first aired on national television on Sunday evening, February 13, 2011, and pushed LifeStyle Homes and our commitment to building energy-efficient homes into the national spotlight.

This wonderful project would never have happened without the support of the Space Coast community. But most of all, it would have never happened without the Hurstons’ service to humanity. We are proud to have been able to give this gift to the Hurstons and to still call them our friends today.

Please enjoy stream of photos above that were taken during construction and when the home was first revealed to the Hurston family.