It’s well known that the real estate market has cooled off significantly. Due to inflation, interest rate increases, and various other reasons, the COVID-fueled housing boom has waned. Yet, in recent months, we’ve seen an uptick of new homebuyers who are driven by solid reasons to build a new home in Florida this year.

If you’re currently weighing your options and need a bit of motivation to make your move, consider the following:

1.Appreciating Home Values. As the state’s economy continues to grow and the population expands, the real estate market in Florida is expected to remain strong. This makes buying a new home in Florida a great investment opportunity, as home values are likely to appreciate over time. Not to mention, if you are currently renting at a premium rate, building a new home can be a smart financial decision, as it allows you to build equity from the moment you move in. This can provide a solid foundation for your future financial stability and wealth-building.

2.Growing Economy Coupled with Affordable Housing. Florida—especially the Space Coast—has a growing economy, with many new businesses and job opportunities emerging. This is attracting a large number of people to the area, making it an ideal place to build a new home. And, compared to other parts of coastal Florida, Brevard County remains relatively affordable.

3.Live Where Others Vacation. If you already live here, you know what a special place this is. Florida’s East Coast is known for warm weather and sunny skies, making it an ideal place to live for those who love the outdoors. From its beautiful beaches, rivers, and estuaries to its abundant parks and wildlife, there are many opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

4.Customization and Modern Design: Building a new home allows you to customize it to your exact specifications and needs. From the layout to the finishes and fixtures, you can create a space that perfectly fits your lifestyle and preferences. It also allows you to take advantage of the latest design trends and technologies. From open-concept layouts to sustainable building practices, you can create a home that reflects your personal style and incorporates modern design elements.

5.Energy Savings: Building a new LifeStyle SunSmart home gives you the opportunity to live in a superiorly built home in terms of energy-efficient features, such as high-performance windows, spray-foam insulation, and a high-efficiency HVAC system. This can help you save on monthly energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint, setting you up for future savings and a sustainable lifestyle.

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