Window Seal

Keeping rodents and pests out of your home is a key measure to not only protecting your investment, but more importantly, your family’s health. Rodents and pests come with a host of diseases and other health hazards, so keeping them outdoors where they belong is of utmost importance.

As part of LifeStyle’s HealthSmart program, our construction team takes extra precautions to seal up and secure all openings, as well as perform a full pest spray before you take occupancy.

Spray-Foam Insulation
Spray-foam insulation is a good deterrent for rodents and pests and is included in all LifeStyle HealthSmart homes. Because of its synthetic material that hardens, it has superior sealing capabilities that block rodents’ ability to get inside and set up nests. Rats, for example, will not destroy cellulose or spray foam like they would other types of insulation. It is also important to note that spray foam is not a food source for rodents and pests, thus making it a further deterrent.

Eliminate Entry Points
To keep rodents and pests out of the homes we build, the LifeStyle construction team carefully observes and eliminates all points of entry. A good rule of thumb is that a crack, even a quarter-inch wide, is enough for a mouse to crawl inside. Generally, if you can fit a pencil into the crack, then a mouse can get through.

All openings of your LifeStyle home that cannot be fully sealed will be protected with caulking or screening where necessary.

Pest Spray
As another layer of protection, LifeStyle Homes sprays for pests before we turnover keys to our homeowners. Complete termite protection with renewable warranty is also included in every LifeStyle home.

To explore this feature and more that comprise the brand-new LifeStyle HealthSmart program, please take a look at our comprehensive features. And as always, give us a call at (321) 727-8188 ext. 2 with any questions on building a LifeStyle HealthSmart home.