A home builder’s reputation is hard earned. This is a fact that no one understands better than the team at LifeStyle Homes.

For 30 years, we’ve built a reputation of doing right by our customers, our community, and our country. We listen to and respect our customers’ needs. We don’t cut corners. We do what we say we’re going to do – every time.

Because we’re a local home builder, you can bet we hold this community and the people who live here in the highest regard. We don’t hide behind the veil of a national name. The neighborhoods you call home are the neighborhoods we call home. The schools your children attend are the schools our children attend. You’ll see us at the grocery store, at Friday-night high-school football games, and at local fundraising events. That being the case, “good enough” will just not do – not for you, not for us.

Since our founding, we have been committed to smart design. Weeks of intensive effort go into developing each of our home plans. We test countless alternatives for the smallest details before we commit to building a new plan.

The quality of materials we use and the reliability of the trade partners are top-notch. We invite you check the reputations of our trade partners, most of whom we have had continuing relationships with for years and years. These professionals understand how seriously we take our responsibility to our customers, and therefore they give their best to each and every LifeStyle home.

While over the past 30 years LifeStyle Homes has grown, added team members, developed new communities, created better home designs, and helped hundreds of homeowners achieve The American Dream, what hasn’t changed are the components of our founders’ original vision:

Treat people with honesty.
Deliver an excellent product.
Maintain a strong work ethic.
Love what you do.

These creeds were established in 1984 and have never faltered.