For over a decade, each and every home built by LifeStyle Homes has undergone testing and certification to verify its energy efficiency. This so-called energy audit is completed by an independent third-party “energy rater” who is certified by the Residential Energy Services Network, or RESNET.

Twice during the construction of your LifeStyle home, the energy rater will test your home to measure it’s energy efficiency. When finished, the energy rater will then assign your home a Home Energy Rating System, or “HERS” Index Score.

So, just what is a HERS Index Score? Much like a car’s MPG sticker, your home’s HERS Index Score will give you an idea of how much your home will cost from an electricity-bill standpoint.

The HERS Index runs from 0 to 130. The lower your HERS Index Score, the more efficient your home. Highly energy-efficient homes have lower scores and cost a lot less to run. Homes that are energy guzzlers have higher scores that homeowners like you will feel each month when you pay your electricity bill.

LifeStyle’s longstanding guarantee to our customers is that every home we build will score a 60 or lower on the HERS Index, thus saving our customers 40% on their annual electricity bills when compared to a similar-sized typical new home.

Earlier this year, we were thrilled to be recognized as one of the top 20 builders nationally leading the path to net zero energy homes. LifeStyle Homes ranked 4th on this list with an average HERS score of 40.6! This recognition accounts for the many solar-powered zero-energy homes we have built, which score a 0 or less!

Additionally, this past February, LifeStyle Homes was excited to be named RESNET’s “Builder of the Month,” which spotlighted our commitment to our energy-saving performance guarantee and why this guarantee is so important to our business.

For any questions on your HERS Index Score, energy ratings, and/or the many benefits this certification can offer you as a new homebuyer, please contact us.