West Melbourne home builder demonstrates how an electric vehicle can run on excess energy produced by its solar-powered homes

West Melbourne, FL –LifeStyle Homes, a Brevard County home builder, has successfully proven that its solar-powered homes can produce enough energy to not only run the household, but an electric vehicle as well.

Recently, the West Melbourne home builder purchased a Tesla Model S. This all-electric vehicle represents the most efficient, technologically advanced vehicle on the road today.

The Tesla’s battery is charged by plugging the vehicle into a 240-volt outlet in the garage at one of the builder’s solar-powered model homes. The Tesla then runs on stored battery power—no gasoline whatsoever.

“What’s truly remarkable about the LifeStyle Tesla is that its battery is being charged at our solar-powered model homes,” says Larry Hufford, co-founder of LifeStyle Homes. “These homes harness the power of the sun to produce their own clean energy. The Tesla then uses this sunshine-generated electricity to get its battery charge, in essence allowing us to ‘drive on sunshine.’”

LifeStyle Homes built the first zero-energy solar-powered home on Florida’s East Coast in 2010 in Rockledge’s Capron Ridge neighborhood. Since then, the builder has has sold over 50 solar-powered homes. These homes allow Brevard County homeowners to power their residences with rooftop solar systems that generate their own electricity from sunshine. This, in turn, significantly slashes the homeowners’ monthly electricity expenses. The LifeStyle Tesla helps demonstrate how homeowners can take this another step further, allowing them to eliminate their gasoline expenses, too.

LifeStyle Homes believes clean-energy technologies—including solar-powered homes and electric vehicles—are the way of the future. In the coming years, the builder believes this set-up will be commonplace in homes across America. The reasons for this are numerous, including increased independence from big oil and utility companies, lessened need to burn fossil fuels, and lessened dependence on on foreign-oil imports.

The LifeStyle Tesla is being rotated among LifeStyle’s solar-powered model homes on weekends, allowing potential home buyers to see and understand first-hand how homeowners can live more energy-independent lifestyles. Call (321) 727-8188 or visit www.BuildingALifeStyle.com for more information.

About LifeStyle Homes, Inc.
Founded in 1984, LifeStyle Homes, Inc. is a family-owned home builder on Florida’s East Coast. Each new home by LifeStyle is built SunSmart
and guaranteed to score a 60 or lower on the HERS Index. LifeStyle is credited with building the first zero-energy home on Florida’s East Coast. The company has won many awards for its solar-powered homes, including the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA)’s Aurora Award for the best solar-energy home, as well as the North American Net Zero Energy Production Home of the Year, which was awarded by the Net Zero Energy Home Coalition.