SpaceCoast Business magazine’s annual sustainability-themed issue is out now, and we at LifeStyle Homes are extremely proud to be featured on the cover! Thank you to the team at SpaceCoast Business  including Eric Wright, SpaceCoast Business’s managing editor; Marlene Viola, art director; and Jason Hook, photographer – for your wonderful work on this story. And of course, thank you to Josh Field and Jeff Piersall, co-founders of SpaceCoast Business, for selecting LifeStyle to receive this honor.

It’s hard to believe it was only five short years ago – a time when LifeStyle was struggling to make it through the housing market crash – that we started down the path of building sustainable, energy-efficient homes with the help of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) in Cocoa. Today, we can’t imagine building any other way. It is simply the right thing to do.

While we’re tremendously grateful to SpaceCoast Business for sharing our story with their audience, we are even more grateful for the spotlight this story places on Florida’s lagging position in its amount of solar-system installations. It is a tough reality that the “Sunshine State” – which is ranked 3rd in the nation for its amount of solar potential – comes in at 18th place in the nation with regard to its actual amount of solar installations.

This needs to change. And we at LifeStyle Homes, along with our friends at FSEC, believe that the Space Coast is the perfect place to lead this change. Our community is filled with scientists and engineers who can improve solar technology, ultimately driving down its costs and improving our county and statewide economy. It is coupled with families and difference makers who understand the importance of clean energy, and want to leave the planet a cleaner, healthier place for their children and ours.

So again, thank you to the team at SpaceCoast Business for allowing LifeStyle to share our story, as well as help educate Brevard County business leaders on the importance of sustainable building practices and solar power. In case you missed the article, check it out here.