We at LifeStyle Homes are proud to roll out our LifeStyle SunSmart℠ cutaway tool. This new online tool gives you the opportunity to virtually see behind the walls of our homes, thus allowing us to demonstrate to you our better way of building.

Each hotspot represents a different feature included in our LifeStyle SunSmart℠ energy-efficiency building package — a package that includes energy-efficient building technologies that come standard on every new home we build.

As you click on each hotspot, the cutaway reveals the corresponding LifeStyle SunSmart℠ feature, along with a description of that feature. (Click here to be taken to the interactive version.)

Perhaps more importantly, however, as you click on each hotspot, the cutaway also reveals that feature’s direct benefit to our homebuyers.

“What’s in it for me?” and “Why should I care?” are questions we oftentimes get asked by potential homebuyers when explaining the science behind LifeStyle SunSmart℠. Our new cutaway tool answers those questions for each feature included in our energy-efficiency building package.

When developing LifeStyle SunSmart℠ with the building scientists at the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), the LifeStyle management and construction team would not consider new technologies and/or building practices that did not present a real advantage to our homebuyers. That said, as you click on each hotspot, you will learn how the LifeStyle SunSmart℠ technologies and/or building practices allow each and every LifeStyle home to live better and last longer.

You will also learn how LifeStyle homes reduce monthly energy expenses, as well as improve a family’s health and comfort level – all things we deem important.

Keep in mind that the LifeStyle team is dedicated to staying on the leading edge of energy-efficient home building. As technologies emerge and are scientifically proven to cost-effectively improve a home’s quality and efficiency, these technologies may be introduced to the LifeStyle SunSmart℠ building package. So, we invite you to periodically check the cutaway tool to stay current on our superior building practices.

To start exploring our new LifeStyle SunSmart℠ cutaway tool, please click here. Enjoy!