The LifeStyle Homes team is proud to unveil our latest addition—a Tesla Model S! This all-electric vehicle represents the most efficient, technologically advanced vehicle on the road today.

If you’re wondering why LifeStyle—a family-owned Central Florida home builder—invested in an electric vehicle, allow us to explain.

You see, we are committed to helping our customers achieve an energy-independent lifestyle. We want our customers to embrace clean-energy alternatives so they are freed from dependence on big oil companies. And we want to allow our customers to feel good about helping save our environment and lessening their contribution to harmful air pollutants.

And we prefer to lead by example.

So how is our new Tesla going to help accomplish this?

Well, as we’ve built over 30 solar-powered homes, we’ve successfully proven how today’s homeowners can run their residences with rooftop solar systems that harness Florida sunshine and turn it into electricity. The Tesla allows us to take this idea another step further.

Today, not only can our homeowners use their rooftop solar systems to power their homes, they can also use the energy produced to power their electric vehicles.

In other words, the Tesla allows us to demonstrate that our customers can live a life free of electricity bills and gasoline expenses.

And because the vehicle’s charge will be coming from a solar-powered home, the vehicle will essentially “run on sunshine!”

It’s no secret that at LifeStyle Homes we are committed to clean energy. Why? Because all scientific research suggests it is simply the right thing to do. Not only does it create an entirely new industry offering all types of jobs for Americans, it also presents a good solution to environmental concerns.

So, when you’re out and about, keep your eye out for LifeStyle’s Tesla on the roads of Brevard County and beyond. Soon, you will be able to see LifeStyle Homes’ Tesla first-hand as it recharges in the garages or driveways of our various solar-powered model homes. Check back to see when the Tesla will be at a LifeStyle solar-powered model home near you!