The holidays are just around the corner (we can’t believe it either) and there’s a good chance your friends and family from up north will be escaping the cold to thaw out in your Florida home. Preparing your guest room for the holidays is a thoughtful way to ensure your visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Here are some things to consider.

1.Deep clean. Start by giving the guest room a thorough cleaning. Dust all surfaces, vacuum the floors, wash the bedding, and clean the windows. Make sure the room is spotless.

2.Check the bedding. Ensure the bedding is fresh and comfortable. Change the sheets and pillowcases. Make the bed with extra blankets or comforters in case your guests get chilly.

3.Fresh towels and toiletries. Provide fresh towels for your guests. Stock the guest bathroom with basic toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, and extra toilet paper.

4.Clear storage space. Clear out some space in the closet or dresser for your guests to store their belongings. Make sure there are enough hangers.

5.Bedside amenities. Place a bedside table or nightstand with a lamp, clock, and perhaps some reading material. A small bowl with mints or chocolates is a nice touch.

6.Wi-Fi information. Leave a note with the Wi-Fi network and password so your guests can easily access the internet.

7.Temperature control. Ensure the room is at a comfortable temperature, and provide a fan or heater if necessary. Extra blankets can help your guests adjust to their preferred level of warmth.

8.Window coverings. Install curtains or blinds that provide privacy and block out light. Your guests might want to sleep in or take an afternoon nap.

9.Personal touches. Add a personal touch to the room, such as fresh flowers, a framed welcome message, or a scented candle. Make the room feel welcoming and festive.

10.Mirrors. A full-length mirror or at least a well-placed vanity mirror can be very useful for your guests.

11.Snack and drinks. Consider having a small area with snacks and beverages like bottled water, tea, and coffee for your guests to enjoy.

12.Child-friendly items. If you’re hosting families with children, consider adding a few child-friendly amenities like a nightlight, some children’s books, or age-appropriate toys.

Many LifeStyle floorplans—like the Monterey or Santa Cruz—are perfectly suited for overnight visitors. These plans offer a private fourth bedroom with adjacent bathroom that work perfectly as guest quarters. But no matter what LifeStyle home you live in, by following these tips, you can create a warm and welcoming guest space that will make your friends and family feel right at home.