It’s back to school in Brevard County this week. And that means parents and kids are preparing to get back in the swing of things—homework, fundraisers, sporting events, and more. A new school year typically brings about more “to-dos.” And while you can’t control outside chaos, you can get your home as organized as possible for smooth transition and a successful school year.

Here are some tips from LifeStyle Homes:

  • SET UP A HOMEWORK STATION: Many homes built by LifeStyle include a study or home office space that can easily double as a homework station. These rooms are typically separated from the family gathering areas to minimize distractions. That said, some parents prefer homework to be done in a café nook or at the dining table to keep tabs on kids and help out as needed. Either way, it’s important to make sure homework stations allow for ample work surfaces, electronic plug-ins, and storage caddies for supplies without clutter getting in the way. Make sure the surface is protected from scratches from pens, scissors, etc. And choose an area with ample lighting—preferably natural light.
  • KEEP SCHEDULES IN EVERYONE’S HANDS. The tried and true refrigerator is a still a great place to jot down and display the family’s activities for the week. But for more tech-savvy families, certain apps can also do the trick. “Cozi,” for example, is a well-known family organizing app. It allows all family members to access and share schedules, to-do lists, shopping lists, and more so everyone is on the same page. “Google Calendar” is another good one. In addition to tracking your “to-dos” and sending you reminders on tasks, appointments, bill due dates, etc., all your reservations for upcoming events are automatically added to your family’s calendar.
  • CLEAN OUT CLOSETS AND REFRIGERATOR: Now is the time to purge. Rid you kids’ closets of clothes that are no longer wearable and take inventory of clothing items that may be needed. Also, as healthy eating habits can slip during summer, now is also the time to purge expired food and junk food. Restock with healthy options for a new school year to help keep your kids’ minds sharp. And, if it works for you, try organizing your fridge by snacks, lunch, and dinner for easier preparation.
  • CARVE OUT CUBBIES/STORAGE SPACES: Mud rooms and/or laundry rooms, as well as foyers, are great spaces to create cubby areas. Having a dedicated space for backpacks, shoes, umbrellas, coats, sports equipment and uniforms, etc. will help alleviate stress on hectic days. If these everyday items are always stored in the same place, kids won’t need to waste time looking for the day’s items each morning.

From everyone at LifeStyle Homes, good luck to all the Brevard County parents and students on another successful school year!