“Hi Mike,

With this in mind, I think we are all set to go with this wonderful LifeStyle home. We had an open house for nine new local friends this past Memorial Day and all were mesmerized by the beauty and quality of the home. Now that we are coming up on a full year since we moved in (June 22), I will most certainly address the survey that was sent my way by LifeStyle Homes many, many months ago. I deliberately wanted to wait a year to see what wrinkles needed to be ironed out and I must say that your performance has been nothing short of stellar and I will make sure you are given the credit you deserve along with your superb team to include Carl Gould, Mark Carabia, Jennifer Sartori and Sheilah Hughes. Also, I cannot say enough about Hugo Raasveldt who really sealed the deal for us with his knowledge of what LifeStyle can do to customize our home.

Thank you many times over for your attention to the needs of your customers!”

-Debbie and Mike Graham