Good evening.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to you regarding David Daniels. My husband and I are looking to build our 4th home and I must say that David is by far the best home specialist we have encountered over the years. He is extremely knowledgeable, attentive, patient, authentic, professional and dedicated. I have changed floor plans and ideas at least 6 times, however David always makes me feel like it is not a big deal and is accommodating. David provides a wealth of knowledge regarding the LifeStyle product/options without speaking negatively about the competitors (very hard to do). In addition, he is very responsive to my never-ending emails (even on the days he is not scheduled to work). To me, that is pure dedication and LifeStyle is lucky to have him as a member of the team.

We are in the final step of the process. Aside from the quality and price point of the home we hope to build with LifeStyle, I feel that if David is a reflection of the overall team we will be in a good place. I have a very busy and hectic job, so the last thing I need is added stress over the next year of the building process (realizing that there is no such thing as perfection).

Again, I just wanted to share positive feedback. I am sure (much like my role), you mainly only hear from customers/vendors when they are dissatisfied or frustrated. In this case, it is the complete opposite.”

-Felicia N. Rabsatt-Harris, MBA, MHA, CHC