“Choosing LifeStyle as our builder, for our retirement home, was the best decision we made. Our home is gorgeous, peaceful, and provides solace for Steve and me. From the day my husband fell in love with the model, our retirement life changed forever. Paul, LifeStyle design team, Micah, Dan, and other LifeStyle team members worked with us to meet our vision, goals, and deadlines. Post build, working with Mike who heads up the LifeStyle warranty service is wonderful.

With all said and done I am sharing pictures of our house because one has to see it in order to appreciate the beauty, simplicity, and rich atmosphere that the LifeStyle team and their partners, Flametech, Hammond Kitchens, Capritta Appliances, Blue Marlin Pools, all vendors and contractors who guided us and helped us create our retirement dream home.”

-Jan Eavenson