“Dear Paul,

My wife and I wanted to share with you and the LifeStyle Homes’ Senior Management Team the appreciation we have for Tom Dutton. We were out of the U.S. during construction of the house, that, we now delightfully look forward to living in.

Being new in the area and away from the construction site we were kind of wondering how our home building project would go. Contrary to this initial, somewhat skeptical thoughts the home building experience has been super satisfactory. Right at the get go initial meeting to go over the design and features, Tom, realizing our concerns and anxiety about having our future home built from long distance, made us fill comfortable and confident that things will be taken care of.

We found Tom detail-oriented, a person with patience and a good listener. He answered our questions and addressed concerns. We got a good feel for his ability to well manage sub-contractors and construction crews. We also felt that he had good rapport with multiple construction teams and the LifeStyle team working in the back office. Our home building project went very well. He facilitated our communication with various construction teams very efficiently and effectively and the whole house, complete with landscaping, was ready in the time he said it would be complete.

The walk through with him one week before closing was very pleasant experience for us. Given Tom’s ability to manage the project well, the punch list was very small, again with Tom’s good eye and attention to detail. He guided us in having a list of contacts for various services that we have been able to work with in preparation for closing and be ready to take keys to the house yesterday.

We congratulate LifeStyle management team in hiring and retaining Tom. In our experience it was clear he embodies LifeStyle values and customer care extremely well. Overall, our experience with Jennifer, Tom Mueller, Nicole, Melissa, Paul Stradtner and other support team members has been very good as well.

We have built a house with a nationally recognized builder before and you would be proud to hear that building home with LifeStyle has been much much better experience. We are glad we chose to build with LifeStyle. We will enjoy a high quality, comfortable and pleasant residence for good many years.

Best regards.”

-Suman and Shobha Patel