“My name is Robert Gonzalez and I live in Pineda Springs. I’m writing you Tom, because I would like for you to know about Mr. Treece’s job performance during the time I’ve lived here. Bill has always made himself available to us every time we’ve contacted him for something concerning our home, text or call he has always gotten back to us. He is in my opinion a valued employee for LifeStyle Homes. Any task-that needed to be done he always saw it through to completion. I worked in construction for 25 years myself and I know how important it is for a builder such as LifeStyle to know when they have a valuable employee. Bill is exceptional in doing his job and handling those around him. He’s very respectful to everyone he deals with and as you and I know things don’t get done at the snap of a finger. However I was always satisfied with the time span it took for each job he had at our home. So thank you Bill Treece!”

-W. Robert  Gonzalez