“LifeStyle Homes is an extraordinary home builder. If you care at all about the energy efficiency of your home and the quality of the construction, you cannot afford to overlook this company.  They built the first net zero-energy home in Brevard County, and we can personally attest to the energy efficiency of that product – for many months of the year, we produce more energy than we use, thereby earning energy credits for those months when we use a higher amount of electricity.  Additionally, the quality of construction was excellent, and any problems we encountered were addressed immediately by Tom Dutton, our construction supervisor.  The entire LifeStyle Homes staff, from start to finish, was friendly, accessible, knowledgeable, and professional.  As a result of their expertise, we ended up with an extremely well-built, energy-efficient home at an affordable price.  There’s a very good reason why this company has won multiple awards and was chosen by Extreme Makeover Home Edition to do the build in Brevard County!”

-Reviewed on Angie’s List