“LifeStyle Home Builders,

We had the great pleasure of having our family’s dream home built by your company recently. Truthfully, we couldn’t have been more pleased with each step of the process and each person we worked with. The commitment LifeStyle makes to their customers is outstanding and was very much appreciated by our family throughout the adventure.

Upon completion of the home, we received our standard customer satisfaction survey, however we felt the experience we had with our Superintendent Bob Johnson was anything but standard. The manner in which Mr. Johnson operated was second to none! From our first meeting to our last, Mr. Johnson’s professionalism, vision, and commitment to making our dreams come true was exemplary. He also included talking to our two young daughters when we would see him on the property which made an impression on them! They will always remember “Mr. Bob.”

While building a home for LifeStyle is clearly a well-oiled daily process, for our family it was a monumental undertaking that took on the risk of our hard-earned investment falling short of the dream it was intended to produce. Mr. Johnson ensured that dream became a reality! Through each step of the process, he was prepared, purposed, and committed to perfection. Mr. Johnson provided us with comfort and confidence throughout the journey. He made sure to educate and prepare us for each step. He was always available to answer any questions we had. He never seemed to miss a beat and had already managed to produce the answer to our questions before we asked. More important than the drywall and screws of the building, Mr. Johnson was an advocate for our family. He was never the “sleazy salesperson,” and certainly never the “let’s just get it done guy.” He made sure to provide us with all the information needed to make our decisions.

Mr. Johnson’s reputation certainly precedes him. When we would mention how great he was to LifeStyle, the response was always the same: “Yeah that’s Bob,” or “Oh yeah, he’s great.” It was if to say the level at which Mr. Johnson operates was common. We also got the same response from all the contractors when we talked to them. They also highly enjoy working under him.

We decided to add this letter to our customer satisfaction survey to reiterate, there is nothing common about the work and dedication of Bob Johnson. Yes, Mr. Johnson was the superintendent during the build of our house, however, it was his willingness to be an advocate for our family, a visionary for our dream, and a support for our questions and concerns that made our risky venture a worthwhile commitment. We would like to thank the entire LifeStyle team but especially Mr. Johnson who made our dreams come true.”

-Jennifer and Michael Mahl