“I wanted to start by saying thank you very much for a beautiful house that my family and I call home. We now enjoy our private two-acre 4/3 with a pool and room for the family to grow. Our appreciation is endless. Prior to our build everyone always said it’s going to be the toughest thing our marriage is going to handle which is far from the truth. We worried about nothing. It was smooth and we got exactly what we wanted. The whole reason made possible is Dan Coe.

I would like to tell you about our journey. Picking LifeStyle wasn’t easy. It took time going out and visiting other new construction homes. I visited other construction sites and asked subcontractors how their build was going and if they liked the builder whom they were working for, and every single sub-contractor that I spoke to at least one crew had something negative to say. Then, I found a home being built by LifeStyle in Titusville and I found something different. I found subcontractors that really liked Dan Coe. Every subcontractor that I spoke to highly recommended Dan (EVERYONE). Most of our communication with Dan was short but one thing that my wife and I talk about now is how Dan didn’t miss one email, not one add on. He handled every concern which impressed my wife considering her attention to detail. As the build was nearing completion our relationship with Dan became personal. I spoke to him about my family and kids and I got to know about Dan’s family and his adventure that led him to become part of LifeStyle family.

During our build I was able to stop by all the time and speak to the subcontractors. maybe more than I should, but I have to say they were awesome! They answered every question in detail; they were very respectful and friendly. I’m sure I’m going to miss some people and I don’t know everyone’s names. But I want to give thanks to the framers from Cocoa Beach; Real Tree, the excavator who drove the green Toyota; the two men who did our finishing topography – awesome job; the plumbers from Palm Bay; Brian the painter; all the electricians along with Jordan from Paey’s Electric who’s doing our smart home set up; the two young men who installed our windows; Tim who hung our doors; the lead tile guy who did our tile floor and master bathroom – thanks for the broom and being so kind to my kids; East Coast Irrigation both leads; Tyson the roofer; the concrete stucco crew – great relaxing music; Scott Whipple and his crew; Melissa and your design crew who put together our vision; Mike Saltsman who ran our power; Matt who did awesome job with drywall touch up. This gentleman lived there and made the comment, “When Dan is in charge you’re going to be there a while because he’s very thorough.” The cleaning ladies for having it move-in ready. I know I have forgotten many people; these were just a few of the exceptional hard-working folks who made our dream come true. My family and I want to thank Dan Coe for his customer service his attention to detail and making our dreams come true so easily. We definitely recommend LifeStyle to other future home builders.”

-David Hogue