“Mr. Luhn/Mrs. Kicinski,

We are happily in our new and beautifully constructed LifeStyle home and thank you for making this happen!

We could have chosen any builder to do this project and chose your company, for building on the Grand Canal to enjoy boating in Florida throughout our retirement years. From the beginning, LifeStyle impressed us with your staff. Ms. Leslie Brecken introduced us to your company with her enthusiasm and warmth. She was the Quarterback for the project—buying the land, coordinating with the entire LifeStyle team, and making sure all was correct from the time our Realtor took us to the lot, to determining what we wanted to build—Leslie was part of it all and made sure we were taken care of, introduced to the design team, the architect, and then put us into Mr. Tom Dutton’s care. Thank you Leslie!

We are so grateful to Ms. Lorraine Edmisten for her professional knowledge and patience in dealing with our neighborhood ARB and HOA. She was amazing, in running the maze of her field, to build our home in Lansing Island. So much more than we understand, had to get done! Thank you Lorraine!

A huge “shout-out” to Architect Tom Mueller and his ability to mesh our ideas with the designs that LifeStyle mastered and won awards for and he helped us throughout the planning and execution process. He was so amazing to solve design challenges.  He always gave 100% to our project and to helping us when needed. His ideas and design made the house what it is.  There were challenges from a new group on the HOA in Lansing Island, that caused some design challenges, but Mr. Tom Mueller always found a way. We are grateful to him, always. Thank you Mr. Tom Mueller!  Thank you for customizing and personalizing in every way for us!

The design team of Jennifer, Sheilah were awesome to work with. There was Melissa also. The design team was so professional, creative, and patient with us. We appreciate what they did to assist us throughout the process. They provided the color, texture, spirit and working of the home, in every way.  Thank you!

A huge “shout out” goes to Mr. Tom Dutton, the head of our customer home project who got us through this entire process. He was tasked with making everything happen! We all know how COVID affected the building of our home. When the process started, Tom was always there for us. He pushed and pushed his team to build this home!!!

His professionalism, customer service-oriented manner and caring took this project to its successful conclusion. We are grateful for his knowledge, pride in the LifeStyle company he represents, his tact, patience, and he always gave us 100% of his follow through. My husband, Bruce, started  an aerospace company—37 years and is still running it in two states. He was continually impressed with Mr. Dutton and the way he handled people. My husband’s company has survived and is strong because of the talented staff that make everything run right. This is how we see your staff. Thank you so much,  Mr. Tom Dutton! You are an awesome and talented accomplisher!

Thank you for having the professionals you have who built our home—the contractors, your sub-contractors. We apologize if we left anyone out.

We are very thankful, grateful, and appreciative. The decision we made, to ask your company to build our “last hoorah” home for our retirement years is a dream and a desire to get back to the boating we used to do, and you made it happen. Thank you Mr. Luhn and Ms. Kicinski and staff, for making this a reality! The home is beautiful in every way!


-Mr. and Mrs.  Bruce and Karin Larsen