“We’ve been working with LifeStyle for over two years now, from just the pipe dream of building our new custom home, through the entire process. We have felt so at ease with the service, process and people and have really felt like they all have our best interest in mind. It’s a big, HUGE, investment and we’ve been delighted to know that we aren’t just some project on a board, but a family!

Shannon, Tom, Jennifer, Russ, really everyone has been exceptionally great to work with and have helped us through each of the bumps in the road. They’ve been responsive, attentive and honest with us, which is all the more we can ask for.

We looked at other home builders – for cost, quality and service – and we kept coming back to LifeStyle. They offer a great home, wonderful selections, extra amenities, but most importantly, the service that we didn’t find anywhere else.

Building a home, especially a custom home from a very lengthy “wish list” is daunting, frustrating, confusing, expensive, and overwhelming at times. That’s the reality of it, but I felt that the team at LifeStyle have been supportive and patient, honest, helpful and a great guide to this process. We are excited to continue our journey with them, through to completion.”

-Rebecca Menard (reviewed on Houzz)