Smart-home technology is no longer reserved for early adopters and tech gurus. Today, new companies and technologies are emerging to relieve homeowners’ headaches, as well as make understanding and operating a smart home as easy as pie.

One such company is TiO Home, or “Turn It On.” Based in West Melbourne, TiO is committed to “sophisticated simplicity.”

And LifeStyle Homes can attest that TiO lives up to this commitment. That’s why we’re proud to announce that LifeStyle Homes is now including a TiO smart-home automation system in every home we build.*

Including a smart-home system standard is LifeStyle’s latest push to keep our customers’ homes at the forefront of modern technology. LifeStyle homeowners will now enjoy four wall-touch controls that can be used to set lighting preferences; control air-conditioning; and turn on and off music in their living rooms.

All these features also can be controlled by a homeowner’s smart phone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

This not only adds a huge layer of convenience, it also helps homeowners save even more on their energy bills.

If a homeowner chooses, he or she can elect to expand their TiO system for a more robust smart home. Features like blinds, the garage door, security locks and cameras, and appliances are all compatible.

So, imagine this. You make a grocery run after a full day of work. After you load up your groceries, you settle back into your car, push your TiO app on your phone, and select your “Welcome Home” setting. While you’re still miles away, your home comes alive—floodlights turn on outdoors, indoor lights illuminate to your preferred brightness, your air-conditioner begins cooling off your home, and your oven preheats in preparation for the night’s dinner. Amazing, right?

What’s even better is that homeowners can easily change their settings, controls, and preferences from a single website—no IT specialist required.

Here’s how TiO’s four components work, according to its website:

  • THE APP. Use the TiO app on your smartphone or tablet, or connect it to our in-wall touch controls to reign supreme over your smart home.
  • THE BRAIN. The foundation of every TiO system, “The Brain” (also known as the MasterCoordinator®) provides access to your TiO system from anywhere in the world.
  • WALL TOUCH CONTROLS. Touch a button and lights dim, music starts, temperature changes and magic happens. So. Cool.
  • AUDIO AMPLIFIER. A built-in 100W amplifier makes music thump.

LifeStyle Homes is excited about our partnership with TiO and look forward to working with this innovative company for years to come.

To see the TiO system in action, we invite you to visit our Seville model home at 8182 Barrosa Circle, Viera.

*TiO is a standard feature in all homes contracted after 7/1/2017.