There are two principal ways that the PV panels which power your LifeStyle Solar-Powered Home can be mounted. If your home has a tile roof and you specify flat tiles, your PV panels can be mounted flush to the roof as you see in this photo, actually taking the place of some of the roof tiles. Notice how the blue-black PV elements themselves are mounted in panels which have edges color keyed to the roof tiles. This makes the PV parts effectively disappear as one walks or drives toward the home.

The integrated tile PV mounting system is particularly attractive even when the PV elements themselves can be clearly seen. There is a certain charisma that comes from having the very latest advancements in your home, and these panels certainly qualify for that distinction.

If your home will have an asphalt shingle roof, which the majority of LifeStyle Homes do, your PV panels will be mounted so that air, water and leaves can pass under them cleanly. Actually, this is the preferred way of mounting PV panels from the technical point of view. Allowing air to circulate freely around the panels keeps their operating temperatures lower during warm summer days in Florida, and that is an aid to their longevity.

Whether your PV panels are integrally-mounted or raised, they will be protected by a tough, transparent polycarbonate cover strong enough to stand on. These units are tough, and they will stay put even if the blows vigorously, as it sometimes does in Florida.