As part of its Building America program, the U.S. Department of Energy has issued a challenge to the nation’s builders to dramatically increase the energy efficiency of the new homes they build, not only to be more environmentally responsible, but also as a matter of national security. The ultimate goal is to make it possible to build zero energy homes – homes with no net payments to outside vendors – perhaps even generating positive cash flow from selling the surplus power they produce back to the power company.

The technology to build such homes is available today, but at substantial added cost. The Builders Challenge will hasten the day when energy independence is available to all by expanding demand for energy-saving technologies, thereby encouraging further innovation and driving down costs.

Responding to the Builders Challenge, LifeStyle Homes has created the SunSmart Energy Initiative as our way of moving toward the ultimate goal of building zero energy homes. We are extremely proud to have been designated an official Builders Challenge Partner (Learn more) of the U. S. Department of Energy in this endeavor. Working with the Florida Solar Energy Center (Learn more), we will continue to offer our customers the very best in proven energy enhancements.

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