Indoor air quality you can feel good about

Providing significantly enhanced indoor air quality is a primary goal of our SunSmart effort. It is a fact that the most toxic air most Americans breathe is the air inside their own homes. To attack this hazard, each SunSmart home includes a sophisticated heating and cooling system which draws in a measured portion of fresh outdoor air and filters it to remove contaminants before allowing it to reach your family.

This ensures that a constant, controlled influx of fresh filtered air from outdoors is mixed with the air already inside your home, to prevent the build-up of toxins that threaten your family’s health. The air you breathe in a SunSmart home is also regulated for proper moisture content, to provide your family’s best safeguard against dangerous mold growth. Air is also much more evenly distributed than you might expect in a conventional home, which means there will be much less temperature variation from room to room in your new SunSmart home. You can rely on these benefits being there for you because the specific performance of your heating and cooling system is tested and certified in your home as part of its SunSmart certification.

All of these benefits come as a result of our specifying state-of-the-art air conditioning and heating equipment for all of the LifeStyle SunSmart homes we build. Yes, we want to help you save money on your electrical bills, but we care even more about your family’s health and well-being.