Extra-thick R-38 ceiling insulation

LifeStyle  SunSmart homes feature R-38 ceiling insulation, providing twice the protection of R-19 against unwanted heat transfer from super-heated attic spaces into your home’s interior living areas. In addition, we carefully insulate all walls adjacent to attic spaces as well as complex surfaces like knee walls – using expensive ECYNENE® foam insulation, where necessary – to avoid even small gaps that can allow excessive heat transfer to occur.

Dead air exterior wall insulation with double furring strips

Adding a second furring strip between the outer surface of your home’s drywall and the inner surface of adjacent concrete blocks doubles the volume of air trapped in the space between. This dead air is a very efficient insulator all by itself. Taking this extra step is a simple and very cost-effective measure to improve not only the energy efficiency of your home, but its comfort as well.

Solar-powered thermostat-controlled attic air ventilation fans

To lower your attic temperatures, SunSmart homes feature attic exhaust fans powered by free electricity generated from the power of the Sun, captured in small, roof-mounted photovoltaic panels.  These fans run automatically whenever replacing warmer attic air with cooler outside air would be beneficial. Unlike conventional attic fan systems that may consume as much energy as they save, SunSmart solar-powered attic fans are truly beneficial. Otherwise, we wouldn’t include them.

Heat-reducing radiant barrier under roof decking

In SunSmart homes that feature shingle roofs, LifeStyle Homes installs a radiant heat barrier under the roof decking. This shiny reflective foil intercepts much of the Sun’s intense heat radiation and sends it back to warm outside air instead heating up the air in your attic. It is amazing how much more efficient your air conditioning system will be when your distribution ducts are not surrounded by super-heated attic air.

This radiant barrier is not needed for tile roofs, because the tile mounting system provides extra heat protection itself.