Our goal at LifeStyle Homes is to deliver your dream home with as few bumps in the road as possible. We aim to make the process seamless and stress-free, and our 35 years in business oftentimes allows us to clear hurdles with ease.

The process of building a new home involves many steps and many people. Setting up proper expectations allows our customers to know what’s ahead on their journey. If you’re thinking of building a new home, it’s important to understand what’s involved. Here is a broad overview of the steps LifeStyle takes from contract to completion.

STEP 1: Sales Process. LifeStyle Homes is proud to build in many of Brevard and Indian River’s top communities. We also build anywhere on your land in either county. Our designs range from traditional Florida plans to fully custom homes. LifeStyle’s educated sales counselors will guide you to the perfect home plan and site for your specific needs.

STEP 2: Arrange Financing. To assist you in your purchase, LifeStyle Homes will suggest a preferred lender that best suits your specific financial situation. Your lender will guide you through the financing process. Please be sure to keep LifeStyle Homes informed of any lending decisions you make.

STEP 3: Purchase Agreement Approval & Signature. When you are ready to purchase, you will sign a Purchase Agreement (Sales Contract) and various addendums representing a legal understanding and agreement regarding the purchase of your home. The Purchase Agreement will outline specific features of your new home, as well as its contract price.

STEP 4: Drafting. Upon approval, you will move into the drafting phase. Our drafting department will draw your home plan. Your sales counselor will then present the drawing of your home plan to you for your approval and signature. If you do require changes at this point, your sales counselor will note your changes and seek revisions.

STEP 5: Design Consultation. Our Interior Designers will be in contact with you after your Purchase Agreement is approved to arrange your color and design consultation. This is the most exciting step in the home building process as it allows you to personalize your new home with design and color selections, including tile, carpet, cabinets, countertops, home color, roof color, fixtures, and much more.

STEP 6: Pricing. Once your color and design selections are finalized, your final home plans, and color and design selections, will move into our pricing department to determine your total home price.

STEP 7: Engineering. Following your approval and signature of your home plan, design selections, and final pricing, your home will be engineered for electrical loads, HVAC, trusses, structural, and energy-efficiency.

STEP 8: Permitting. Once LifeStyle Homes receives engineered plans, our permitting department will submit an application to the appropriate city/county building department for your building permit.

STEP 9: Construction. Once your building permit is received from the appropriate city/county building department and your loan is closed, LifeStyle Homes will assign you a construction superintendent. Prior to any construction, your superintendent will contact you to schedule a pre-construction meeting to discuss your construction process. You will work closely with your superintendent throughout the construction process.

Upon the completion of construction of your home, your superintendent will schedule a “final walk-through” with you to determine any final corrections needed. Your superintendent will also schedule a homeowner orientation with you to demonstrate to you the features of your home and its warranties before your closing.

STEP 10: Closing. When your superintendent has passed all required lending and building inspections, LifeStyle Homes will acquire the final survey and certificate of occupancy. These are the two critical documents required for the lender and/or title company to finalize your closing package.

The title company will go over your settlement statement and assist you with the signing of all final documents required to modify your construction loan or take title to your new property.

LifeStyle Homes will provide you with the keys and access to your new home!

STEP 11: Move In. Finally, you will look at your loved ones and say, “We did it!” as you move into your beautiful brand-new LifeStyle home.