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Because the homebuilding process is an investment of your emotions and time, stress can easily pop up. It is our goal at LifeStyle Homes to make sure the homebuilding process is as smooth and seamless as possible in order to minimize headaches throughout.

Here are three approaches we recommend homebuyers take in order to avoid stress during the homebuilding process:

1. Communicate Effectively
Fostering effective communication with your homebuilding team is the best way to avoid mistakes and setbacks. Be sure to ask any question you may have as this can help alleviate stress. During the design phase of your new home, be sure to communicate the functionality and design aesthetics you want to achieve in your new home. Oftentimes, our 36 years of experience allows us to make smart suggestions of what works and what doesn’t in new home design. Pictures are an effective tool to help our design team take the guesswork out of executing your vision.

2. Job Site Walkthroughs
Visiting your job site throughout the construction process can serve as an exciting way to see your home’s progress. For safety reasons, LifeStyle Homes asks that our customers do not conduct job site visits without prior approval from their building superintendent. LifeStyle Homes conducts customer walkthroughs at multiple stages of construction to review construction progress and the next steps. A way to celebrate the evolution of your build is to take photographs at different milestones of the process; comparing these can remind you how well your build is coming along.

3. Be Understanding
Stress rises if we don’t feel that our build is progressing fast enough. Being mindful that unforeseen circumstances—such a wet weather or discontinued items—may occur, can help with some stress you may feel. Also, it’s essential to understand that changes made after construction begins can delay the overall timeline of your build. Communicating with your superintendent if you have concerns during the homebuilding process oftentimes leads to a better understanding of what’s going on “behind the scenes,” and an overall sense of calm during the homebuilding process.