If you make the smart decision to “go solar,” you’ll want to be sure that your solar system is performing to its full potential. That said, LifeStyle’s solar homeowners will tell you that one of the coolest things about owning a solar system is being able to track and monitor its performance.

Through a web-based software tool called Enlighten, owners of our solar-powered homes can easily view and monitor their system’s energy production, health, and environmental benefits. And it’s quite easy to do.

At no charge, LifeStyle solar-powered homeowners can download a solar-tracking application and use specific login credentials to effortlessly view the monthly, daily, or hourly kilowatt hours of energy their system is producing. This allows these homeowners to drill down to their system’s most favorable solar production times, as well as compare their system’s current performance with historical data.

The software also alerts homeowners if their solar system is not reaching its full potential, as well as informs homeowners on what can be done to help restore performance. And if the system does require a professional troubleshooting and/or on-site maintenance check, a solar professional can login to view system reports, diagnose issues, and determine the best course of action.

Even better, because the software is web-based, solar homeowners can check and monitor their solar system’s status from anywhere in the world!

And for fun, the Enlighten solar tracking software also offers interesting daily energy information and tips like, “Lighting the Eiffel Tower for one minute uses 3.37 kilowatt-hours of energy.”

If you’re interested in checking out solar system tracking and monitoring software first hand, stop by our Pineda Springs model home at 2800 Jolena Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935. Our built-in iPad allows you to view this home’s solar performance, giving you a good idea of what it would be like to track you own home’s energy production.