One of the first questions potential homebuyers typically ask themselves is: Should I build a new home or buy a used one? For some, the answer is simple. For others, the decision may be a bit more difficult.

While there are advantages and disadvantages to both options, if you’re on the fence, we at LifeStyle Homes strongly encourage you to consider the following five benefits of building a new home:

  • YOUR HOME, TAILORED TO YOUR LIFESTYLE. Perhaps the biggest benefit of building a new home is that you can get exactly what you want. As you’ll notice while viewing many of LifeStyle’s plans, modern design oftentimes includes open floor plans, large kitchens, spa-inspired master baths, and much more. Building a new home also means you get to select the exact colors, materials, and finishes to suit your personal preferences. Not to mention, new construction frequently takes place in new subdivisions that feature amenities like bike paths, clubhouses, community pools, and tennis courts.
  • A CLEAN SLATE. Piggybacking off the point above, building a new home also means you’re starting with a clean slate. A used home is exactly that … used. Residual effects of a previous owner’s lifestyle may linger incompatibly with yours, and you may end up wondering what’s really going on behind the walls of your used home. For example, the previous owner may have failed to perform regular homeowner maintenance, or he or she may have owned a pet that leaves a persistent odor. Building new means you know exactly what has taken place in your home since day one.
  • LESS OPERATING EXPENSES AND IMPROVED FAMILY HEALTH: Today’s homes are simply built better than they were in the past. And with today’s construction practices, a huge premium is placed on energy-efficiency. Each home built by LifeStyle in particular comes equipped with a high-efficiency HVAC system, Lo-E windows and sliding-glass doors, superior insulation, and many other features that comprise the LifeStyle SunSmart℠ energy-efficiency building package. In fact, each new home built by LifeStyle is guaranteed to save homeowners 70% on their monthly electricity bills when compared to typical used homes. New homes also oftentimes come with far fewer structural liabilities. Like anything else, homes—especially those that have not been properly maintained—deteriorate over time, and can lead to unsafe living conditions. Additionally, toxicity levels of a home’s building products tend to be much higher in used homes.
  • NO REPLACEMENT AND/OR REMODELING COSTS. Again, when you build a new home, you get what you want. You don’t have to spend your money—oftentimes more than you anticipated—remodeling a used home to fit your vision and lifestyle. A new home comes with new appliances, new cabinetry, new flooring, etc. And these items typically are accompanied by a manufacturer’s and builder’s warranty. So, if something does not work properly, or gets chipped or cracked, it will oftentimes be fixed at no cost to you.
  • THE EMOTIONAL CONNECTION. No doubt, building a new home is a commitment of your time and your emotions—but time and time again we at LifeStyle Homes hear that it is worth it. Building new allows you to have a much greater emotional connection to your home once all is said and done. And at the end of the building process, as your builder hands over the keys to your new home, there is no better feeling than being able to kick back with your family and say, “We did it!”