With the onset of summer, outdoor living becomes an inviting prospect. However, this lifestyle does not need to be a seasonal one. Blending indoor and outdoor living is a growing trend in home architecture. It is the idea of bringing the outdoors in, and vice versa. An aesthetically designed patio can be converted to a functional living space. This can prolong the time spent enjoying the outdoors.

Being close to nature and enjoying fresh air makes us calmer, healthier, and more balanced. Incorporating natural light and air into daily living promotes good health, conserves energy, and reduces utility costs.

Here are a few design ideas that can help create a space that is a balanced combination of indoor and outdoor living. Many LifeStyle home plans allow the simultaneous experience of interior comfort and outdoor freshness.

Summer Kitchens
Cooking is becoming a social bonding activity. An outdoor kitchen not only allows homeowners to entertain while enjoying a breath of fresh air, but it can also be a worthwhile investment in terms of home improvement. It conserves energy since excess heat from cooking is not generated indoors. It is a space that serves the dual purpose of relaxation and routine.

Using solar-powered lamps, string lights, or tiki torches can help light the space inexpensively. Weather-resistant furniture is a practical addition. Portable storage and appliances provide flexibility and help conserve space. Durable materials like brick and stucco help reduce maintenance costs.

Outdoor Showers
An outdoor shower provides the homeowner with a more convenient way of cleaning up after hitting the pool or beach without tracking water into the home. Features that bring in natural air and sunshine can also help conserve energy costs.

Relaxed Boundaries
Design concepts that seamlessly blur the boundaries between an indoor and outdoor space are growing in popularity. Corner sliding-glass doors—a stunning feature that can be viewed first-hand at LifeStyle’s Valencia and Enclave at Lake Washington model homes—offer a “sliding wall” of sorts. Open the sliding-glass doors to reveal an unobstructed indoor-outdoor living space, perfect for entertaining.

Smart Thermostats
Having something like a relaxed boundary can let fresh air into your home. In Florida, you’ll still need to use your air conditioner for much of the year, especially during the summer. As part of our SunSmart program, all new LifeStyle homes are equipped with a smart thermostat that lets you set and adjust your A/C as needed from your smartphone. If you’ve been at work all day, set your thermostat before you get home so that your house is adequately cooled.

With these tips, you can experience indoor and outdoor living without leaving the comfort of home. Contact us to get started on your perfect Florida home.