The summer is more than just a time when we get hot and sweaty. It’s also a time that can be painful to our wallets as we require more energy to keep our homes cool. Thankfully, a LifeStyle smart home provides a great solution, helping drive down energy costs and letting us save more of our hard-earned cash. Here’s a look at three ways a smart home can save you money.

  1. Smart Lighting Reduces Your Energy Consumption

Smart homes include smart switches that allow you to control your home’s lighting from anywhere in the world. Many of today’s homes, like all LifeStyle SunSmart homes, include efficient LED bulbs that can further reduce your energy costs. Furthermore, smart lighting also uses dimmers, allowing you to get the same type of lighting while also still keeping your costs low.

  1. Control Your AC When You’re Not at Home

It’s happened to everyone: You’re gone for a few days, but you leave on your air conditioning, wasting energy and money. If you live in a smart home, though, that won’t happen. You can use an app on your phone to turn your air conditioning off or just lower it until you return home. This way, you’re not wasting money cooling an empty house. Furthermore, you can use the same apps to set air conditioning time frames, lowering your energy automatically when you’re not in the home. Some smart homes also come with energy “zones,” enabling you to set the energy usage higher in some rooms of your house.

  1. Identify and Use Cheaper Alternative Energy Sources

All of these features make using an alternative energy source—like solar power—much more affordable. If you’re interested in learning more about the smart home of your dreams, reach out today to LifeStyle Homes. With ample experience at building smart homes in Florida, we know what it takes to build new houses that fit the needs of residents. Our way of building homes can be easy on your wallet in the long term.

Call us today to learn more about your LifeStyle Homes’ smart home.