Decked halls and grand swags of garland can warm the hearts of everyone no matter their age. There’s a special kind of excitement, though, in seeing the joy that well-executed lighting displays can bring to the children in your life. Putting up automated lights in your home is a simple way to spread joy this season.

Create a Christmas Tree Ritual
Imagine everyone in the family looking forward to dusk each evening to watch the Christmas tree lights come on. The strands of lights on the tree are automated, so programming them is virtually effortless. As anticipation builds, the cares of the day melt away. Right on schedule, the lights turn on, and instant holiday joy abounds.

After the lights come on, enjoy other fun Christmas activities for kids such as finding little elves or chocolate bears hidden in plain sight. It is the simple pleasures like these that make the season what it is truly all about, and by adding in next-level light automation, you will pull it off perfectly.

Decorate the Kids’ Rooms
It is easy to add youthful holiday décor to the kids’ rooms. Focus on items such as cute throw pillows, paper chain garland, and a string of remote-control color changing Christmas lights for the home. An automated light display with holiday tunes is an extra-special way to bring an air of magic and instant cheer to their rooms.

Decorate Outside the Home
It may not seem possible, but one can adorn a home’s exterior with automated lights on a reasonable budget. With option-packed features, holiday lights will turn on and off at scheduled times, put on spirited lighting shows with music, and create enviable neighborhood ambiance. Your home light show using Christmas lights will be sure to draw everyone’s attention. Children of every age love the enchantment that well-displayed lights and music tend to conjure up.

How to Make It All Work
With so many Christmas activities for families on the schedule, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, it is possible to make it all work using these tips:

  • Always be ready to let things near the bottom of the list go.
  • Relatively early and fixed bedtimes for the kids during this busy season will provide a few extra hours to prepare.
  • Consider each child’s age or developmental level when planning for the magical things to do at Christmas.
  • Involve the kids in the holiday preparations.

Work automated lighting into your decoration traditions in several places around your home and watch what happens. What a wonderful way to share in the joy and inspiration that each holiday season brings.

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